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    The Loafter

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    Anyone Try adding a 100w heat lamp on top of their 800watt of qbs? might be a cheap way to add the reds to the existing qb builds. I'll be trying one soon i think.
    Rocket Soul

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    Ive been thinking about something similar. I played with the idea to add a Ruby Lux near infrared light bulb for quite some time. But for even distribution and having a hanging height sinisim to my fixture im settling on infra red diodes for the next upcoming fixtures.
    Hugo Phurst

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    I loves Irony.o_O

    Most people have to work on getting rid of excess heat, and you're talking about adding a few hundred BTU's
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    Rocket Soul

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    I agree on the irony, but with led and getting your air exchange from a snowy outside in an open room situation: damn, its pretty hard to hit 80°F with constant air exchange. Heating the whole room is quite wastefull so infra red seems to be the ticket: heat only the cannopy, and using much less watts than heating the whole room. Also, im of the opinion that infrared on the cannopy adds something to the grow which perfect temps doesnt.

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    LED- leaf temp will almost always be the same as ambient.
    HPS- 6-12* hotter than ambient usually.
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