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  • Hey mate i wanted to show u how im doing, thought you be intetested as you helped me out already :). You contributed to my gains bro for that im very greatful . Pm me so i can send you some pics :)
    Hello! Thanks for the passive intake info. Simple concise answers make cramming all this information much easier. I like that dog! My dog does not enjoy wearing things. My cat hates it even more haha.
    Hey Hugu, I've been in this site learning everything I can possibly learn. You use a technique that I would want to use. You say that you transplant a 3" netpot (Tote Plants) in a 6" netpot (Single Bucket) .. I've read that some people say it isn't possible without damaging the root system.
    Could you give me some feedback on how you plant the 3" netpot in the 6" one after the play has established a good root system.

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