Illinois medical marijuana card wait time

Discussion in 'Illinois Patients' started by Znewberry, Oct 18, 2017.


    Fbagadoughnuts Member

    Mine was the 24th.

    Turtl Member

    Informed delivery shows the card is being delivered today (7/10). :-D
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    Beerio Kartist

    Beerio Kartist New Member

    Called IDPH at the end of the day yesterday (7/9), the woman said I was approved just at that moment and that the card would be printed and sent out today (7/10). Seems like they might just approve people as they call... not sure. Good luck to everyone and hope I get my card next week!

    Letitburn Member

    I thought the same thing but that's not the case and if people think that, they will call more than necessary and just slow the process down for e everyone

    Letitburn Member

    Might also help if you share your timeline of when you applied, how etc.

    gibz Member

    I think I am at 80 days now, submitted and CC charged on 4/23.
    Beerio Kartist

    Beerio Kartist New Member

    Sorry. Meant to share that, but got distracted.

    4/22 - Doctor visit
    4/23 - Credit card charged
    Complete silence for 2.5 months
    7/9 - I called IDPH and they said it was just approved
    7/10 - Supposedly being printed and mailed out today

    Will update when I receive the card.

    Letitburn Member

    Beerio Kartist

    Beerio Kartist New Member

    Hope your birthday is also a happy Bud-day!

    gibz Member

    My CC was also charged on 4/23. Hoping I was in that same batch sent to the printer.

    herbanite Member

    Mine was charged on 4/25. It's been nothing but crickets ever since.

    kushymonster54 New Member

    The doctor did it for me but they didn’t end up sending it in until 4/17. No idea why it was nearly 3 weeks later that they sent it in.

    Marilyng27 Member

    Everyone don’t forget to get your free small slurpees today!! Lol.
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    CitiReporter New Member

    My journey looks similar to everyone else’s.

    I visited an all-in-one service’s office on 4/20 (prophetic?). Then, I received an email from Innovative Express Care on 4/23 with a screenshot of a state letter saying they’d received my app.

    I became restless and emailed the state around 60 days in, to which I got a generic reply saying in effect that they can’t reply to inquiries about application status.

    Then, a day later I got an email from the state asking for basic information. I replied with it and have heard nothing.

    Waiting patiently. Day 79.

    herbanite Member

    I went to innovative express the day before you (19th) and got the same receipt on the 23rd. Perhaps, we are in the same batch. I'm anticipating an address issue but at least we are closer.

    CitiReporter New Member

    At least if there is an issue with your address, your application doesn’t go back to the bottom of the list. I’ve been advised that you’ll get a letter notifying you of the problem with instructions on what to do next. Let us know when you hear something and good luck!

    CitiReporter New Member

    Update: good news! Got this email today:

    “Thank you for your email. You have been approved for the Medical Cannabis Program. Your new card has been sent for printing. You will receive it in the mail in the next 10 to 14 business days.

    Thank you,

    Division of Medical Cannabis”

    KittyVetTech70 Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I was soooooo close and boom the carpet was pulled out from under me. I figured they finally cashed my check on 6/29 (4/30 Int) so I call just now and get someone on the first ring. He says "can I put you on hold for a second?" which = problem. They are sending me out a letter today because I forgot to sign and date the application. I've been approved so I just need to get that puppy back to them asap!!! I'm done with these pharmacists telling me what I can and can not have. I had a double molar extraction last Thursday and am still in pain. They changed it from Percocet to Ibuprofen 600. Ridiculous Red Flag shit. If they were up to date on things it would flag them that I cant take any kind of Ibuprofen type med.
    Have a happy one :-)

    herbanite Member

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm gonna email them too ;)

    ravenessal New Member

    I’m an April 23rder as well. I emailed them this morning since I will be moving within a month to a new address and asked for an update on timeline for approvals.

    I got a 2 responses within a minute no joke. The first email said thank you for the email (generic) the second said my card had been approved and I’d receive it within 14 business days.


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