I hate grasscity!


God dam a while ago i was banned from grasscity because i was private messaging some dude and he really started to anger me so i said i would kill him. so this guy takes it seriously and reports me so i get banned and everytime i try make a new account it gets banned after like an hour or making it because once your banned your banned for life.

I have spent over $300 at their store and this is how they thank me?? thanks for nothin...

But on a positive note here is a picture i drew

And here is a picture of my cat.


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Welcome to Rollitup. Similar rules apply here, threats are taken seriously. So sit back, chill and all will be good. :D


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lol i about choked on my smoke from laughing when i read this, "so i said i would kill him." thats too bad the dude couldnt handle it though and reported you. pretty nice drawing....and that cat looks baked off his ass lol. welcome to RIU.


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Welcome man, RIU is much better then grasscity anyway. Fuck them, for banning you after you buy product there, I guess the guy you threatened must have purchased much more hahaha


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I don't think that just because you're a customer of theirs, they should tolerate death threats on other members. Just a warning so you're aware... Death threats will get you banned here too.

Welcome to the forum... thanks for the heads up. play nice please.


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Cute cat?

Lose some weight fatty!!! It's one serving at a time. Not a whole box for every meal.

Look at that thing. Looks like it just ate a small dog.............and wants more!! :eyesmoke::mrgreen:


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Being a paying customer ought to allow you at least a mistake, why would you ever take a threat seriously on a forum, it would take so much work to track you down, people break forum rules a lot and never have any trouble, no offense but if I got a death threat on here or grasscity I would think it was a little 15 year old skinny kid that gets beat on in school, I'd laugh it off and move on


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Cat does look pretty beat up... A little scabby... maybe it has fleas and is biting itself? You should take her to a vet!


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honestly though , ..if someone pmed me and said ima kill you id say you have to find me first?
like what are the chances hees really gunna find him?

on a different note
it's a "rex", and they are adorable, .... http://www.devonrexcats.net/
they are not fucking adorable listen up my aunt decided to spend 2000 bucks on this devon rex cat and like totally couldn't handle it so she gave it to my mom
anyways the cat was the only of the litter, she was totally fucking psycho she was actually on kitty prozac , she wouldn't go near anyone this one time i was petting her and she kicked me in the face ,ontop of that she got so fat because she wasnt like other cats who graze on food she just gorged herself on all her food so she was obese and devon rexs and known for their petite body frame, then she would lick her stomach raw because she was just crazy and wed have to put cream on her and then of course she had no anal gland problems but she always wiped her ass on the white carpet we had,
needless to say just like any vet would tell you purebred cats are almost 80% always this crazy and it didnt help she was the only one in the litter
but she was all in all a cat who we loved until she passed away
heres some pictures of her and my old kitten whos like 5 now who name is Sunni (my mom bought me sunni when i was going through troubled times kept the name was online forums and gamer tags haha)

and hes one where she shows how fat she really was