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  • I saw you question the Ceramic Metal Halide.
    My grow room is 20"X 48"x 5.5". I use a CMH but it's 1000W with 2 120 x 120 PC fans top & bottom. Plus two inside fans for air movement.
    I've hung a digi terminator 4" inches from the bulb and it reads 80*.
    It's an amazing bulb cuz it's full color & as white as you get. I encloseed the link so you can see how it color output beats ANYTHING else on the market
    hey man, firstly thnx for accepting my f/r, and lol i dont no how to rep people or start my own threads lol i no its bad but plz help me i feel like an idiot
    lol wake and bake is what i do sadly its with cleaned soapbar nasty stuff wish i would get something better anyway question i have a philips energy saver cfl it says 11 watt but below that it says light 60 watt to me thats just confusing im assuming its no good but thought id ask
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