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  • Hello,
    I need to get my hands on some chemdawg clones and it seems you can help
    please email me so we can talk details
    i have 3' x 3" grow room.
    I have 95 cfm fan attached to can filter which blows thru my 400watt MH lite.
    my intake comes from in duct fan 3 ft. outside my apt window.
    My heat is 87 degrees and humidity is 29%. how to cool this room down --way too hot n dry!
    Hey this my be a dumbass question, but what is a "whitey"? i was just lookin around and i saw ur pics. I'm not a newb to smoking, i've just never heard that before...anyways if u could get back to me on that one thatd be cool.
    greetings growtech....i started a thread called 't.a.g true aeroponic grow' and wuz hoping you could locate it and answer my question about straight to flower from rooted clone plant size...i'm at my phone right now and cant cut n paste, so im hoping you could locate the thread and help me out....if you cant find it or need other info plz let me kno as i will then find a way to type you the full question or wutever...thnx in advance
    Hello Sir! I'm the Bubblehead chief and we would like to start a contest among our group. Several members have volunteered to donate prizes. Do we need Mod permission first. Let me know. Thanks.
    this is BobMarleyChiefs here...i was blacked out when i wrote those posts talking shit...i didnt even know how i got banned till someone told not looking for forgiveness...only because i know i wont be forgiven...i just wanted to let you know im not going anywhere...sorry you dont like me but i like your site, plain and simple...untill i fucking die i will continue to change my name, ip adress and whatever else i have to do to stay on this site...sorry again i was a dousch...thats what alcohol does to me...anyway, smoke on
    i dont want 2 be a pest, but i was wondering if you could tell me how 2 stop a thread, or add another?, im not savvy 2 this site, slow learner., lol
    I'm in a bit of a predicament. I'm working on an underground g-room, and it's not ready, but I have several plants a bit over 3 weeks old in my closet. The smell is getting pretty stout in there, so is there a way to cut the smell down? If it helps, there is a hatch to the attic, but it can't be opened much. Any ideas off the top of your head?
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