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  • yo, i am sorry, i have been off for a while, i moved 2 a new place, and the HOA had 2 hold a meeting and decide wether or not jen & i could have our dish, its a long story, anyway how are things?, good i hope, i have been having trouble finding a good couple of clones, but things will happen soon im sure, i think i have good carma, trying to still get blackberry, but we shall see. are you today??? me I am hangin' in there...waiting I am half way through flower now and its smelling awfully skunky YEAH it just doesn't grow fast I'll be posting pics bud room with monsterous stalks..c-ya chrissy are you??? me...half way threw my grow...can't even wait
    ....not wishin for fall...but giddieup!!!!!everything i have been through in my life...thats 1 thing that brings me sooooo much joy...i'll post pics soon....chrissy
    Same here dude, I'm usually a sativa kinda guy myself, but GDP is great too!

    The plants look like they've finally started picking up a little growth, it's almost a month on my end, I'm just waiting for the great temps in July for the growth spurt!
    sorry man i gotta go get batteries for my camera, but i will post pics soon :) She looks insane right now!
    I'll keep that thread updated every other week or so with some new pics to show the progress. As for the strains, I've got 4 that are either some pretty good kush or chronic that came from some medical stuff I smoked a few months back, and the last 2 are grand daddy purple! lol, I can't wait till August!
    Yeah you're right, it is my first grow! lol Gotta start somewhere right! Peace bro!
    not nute def this bad bitch sits right under light and every plant ive ever had that was directly under the light did this, doesnt matter which strain it is, idk, shes healthy and almost completely purple now, ill post new pics later
    get a digital camera and take pics of the plant. the wavelength rays of whatever you take those pics on doesnt work when taking photogrpahs. I use a simple digital camera. keep up the pics i wanna see that green crack
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