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  • purple stems are the plants dna.look at my prpl kush and i have a stem pics 1 really prpl and 1 so so.dont worry be happy!!!:-P:leaf:
    hey man how do you think there doing its been like a week now since they sprouted i think there moving a little slow but i transplanted them last night so they will have more room to grow just wanted to see what you thought thanks man happy growing
    hey man this is my new name i was having issues with my last one gr8fuldred sooo sorry for the delay on the set up im transplanting my little ones cause they seem to want more soil for growth ill be posting some pics up soon check the out at my grow journal peace happy growing
    right on i know exactly what you mean. i'm glad i could help. you could also hang printer paper up instead of tinfoil or mylar. thats what i did in my spot and the lighting is great.
    ya i pretty much was like 90% sure that was gonna be ur reply. lol Its just always nice to hear someone say "yep, u got it." lol but 4 sure, sounds like i got a project 4 today.
    i'm just using some bagged seeds thats all. as long at you top your plant a with a little stem grow on it then yes.
    there going well but with cfl's you can have the light an inch away from the plant. thats the reason why they are very long there trying to stretch to the light. i would drop the lights right down on top of them like an inch or two above them.
    ya i think i'm going to scrap her and just start fresh i got everything i need now so should be smooth sailing this next time around.....
    ya im thinking of just starting her over maybe do like 3-6 plants this time so leaves a little room for error know what i mean. but would do you think about that. starting over good or bad idea
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