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May 5, 2015
    1. spazatak
      do you make your own STS for pollen?
    2. cc.care4u
      Just noticed you are online now.. I will wait in live chat for a while if you get this message.
    3. cc.care4u
      Hey Scarhole..hope you are well... I can not PM you...not enough posts up I assume ... so it is Copa from Oz here...I have not been on any forums for over a few months now....just letting you know that I just recd a nice ,unexpected surprise today...thanks bro , and very much appreciated for your assistance in this matter .....:mrgreen: ..... anyway I will call in here until I catch you online and we can have a chat....btw can you tell me what is CS as in CS x Banana Platinum ?...... Cheers
      i will pm you
    5. danknessonly1
      What's up it's me rhyno
    6. Bear Country
      Bear Country
      Tried getting back to you inbox is full
    7. Kite High
      Kite High
      Scar clear out your Pm's bro
    8. Biological Graffity
      Biological Graffity
      Hey bro its Bio, try toemail me again, yur mailbox is full BTW
    9. Irish Med Farmer
      Irish Med Farmer
      Hi I've only joined this about a week ago,& racerboy79 said you have experience with Riot Seeds,can you give me any & all info you may have,I would greatly apriceate it,they have just started to take Credit Card payments,on there web site the have some straight out of hell fire strains I would love to put in my garden,I don't have a lot of money but I am on a mission to get the same genetics that are famous accross the USA ,I am a Kush lover,I have no faith in the European seed banks I've grown many so called Kush strains to find they do not resemble the Kush I had in the USA,recently I've got some Cali Connection Tahoe OG some Kosher Kush & Holy Grail Kush (Reserva Privada & DNA )I hope that I have some dank between those,can you recommend any good breeders out there,I am from the Rep of Ireland & have accsess to all the seed banks,sorry for the long MSG anyway thanks for ur time & I hope to hear back from you soon thanks again.
    10. Green Dave
      Green Dave
      Sorry dude emptyed
      cant find the thread for Good Dog
    11. Green Dave
      Green Dave
      here is the good dog in hempy bucket
      flowering started 4-20 150 w mini fridg
      thanks for the beans
    12. dr green dre
      dr green dre
      thanks for the info you sent before the big crash.. Any chance you can link me to it again ..Thanks also you inbox is full
    13. sodalite
      scarehole hi mate you still around? i just got back on i had an inintentional vacation for the last year but i am back and plotting a veggie garden for the summer. give me a shout.
    14. GNB
      hey do you happen to have a copy of Hobbes weed science ebook? I been looking all over the place for that thing.
    15. Chrondog55
      Hey bud. I met Doc personally in Amsterdam. That great you told publicly about this because some people might miss out on those seeds. The genetics are outstanding for health. I have had bad experiences with other seed banks with consistency, hermaphrodites etc. It's great to look out for one another to not waste any time or money which does unfortunately happen a lot. Or maybe I was just unlucky with other banks I don't know.
    16. neved
      Hey bro
      plz check my thread ( plz check) or ( issue on my room) were located in marijuana plants problems
      I waite for hear your voice on
      best wishes
    17. Fruitbat
      It's a new species of fruitbat they found in Indonesia. It's totally f'ing weird.
    18. Honkeycorn
    19. NatureaFinest
      Hey bro, wats good? I always see u online and I figure ur pretty knowledgeable. Was just gonna c if ud take the time to check out my grow log. Any advice, comments, or suggestions r welcome. Thanks man
    20. lbezphil2005
      Have a good one, bro! Thanks for the like, appreciate it.
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