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  • BTW, how did you know my name is Brodie (even though you spelled it Brody)? I tried to go back and find the post where you called me Brody but I guess it's too far back because I didn't see it. I don't mind cuz I'm legal here in Oregon--my name is Linda Brodie although I was Williams for 30 or so years--fixed that through divorce ;-D. I'm just curious to know if you're a long-lost friend or cousin I've forgotten about. I have friends and family in Colorado, some I haven't seen since the 80's :)
    I'm here to help the cause my brothers and sisters....I myself am still learning about this awesome plant...but I have invested years of my life into growing and learning. If I can help, I will...If I need help..I will ask
    Pride walketh before a fall!!!!! None of us can say that we fully understand but all of us can strive for understanding!!! PEACE
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