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    Here's a simple DIY for a small personal use grower. I can easily be expanded but I run it as multiple dual tote systems

    I have 2 systems running. One with Igloo, one with tote sitting in a low Igloo. 2 pumps in each, one for flooding, one for flooming. Big plant was a single tote

    IMG_3904.JPG IMG_3900.JPG Chiller Floom.JPG IMG_3715.JPG

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    Any light that hits that clear pipe is going to grow algae in it. Switch it to black. Also, you can get unions and place them in between each of your buckets. (cut the pipe and glue on union) With a simple screw-on, screw off you can manipulate the buckets for cleaning.
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    Jersey hasn't been seen in a while. And he gave up on his hydro grow but his soil grow went good. He has a lot of videos on YouTube if you want the channel let me know.

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    lol that was easy to see, I told him that wasn't a proper system.

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    Can I give my soil plants the water from the resviour during the changes??

    DaKnew/G\uy New Member

    Hello everyone this is my first DWC or anything like this, can someone please help me with getting started?
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    You will have to be more specific, there's lots of general information on this site and others..

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    Get a chiller first or don't even think of doing RDWC lol.

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    DaKnew/G\uy New Member

    Like how do begin germination, how much nutrients to begin with, how long to run my LED lights. I will be running a 5 gal DWC bucket, with clay pellet medium. I will be using Micro nutrients and rockwool to start. I am planning to start blue pyramid auto.
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    first thing with dwc you need to keep your water chilled. 65 to 68 degrees. if you can't buy a 300 dollar chiller I wouldn't do dwc. especially if its your first time. stick with soil.

    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    an auto will flip to flower as soon as you ran into your first problem (which you most definitely will) and you will yield nothing.. plant it in a 5 gallon air pot and stick with organic.

    Bareback Well-Known Member

    Like @Purpsmagurps said a chiller is preferred or your asking for trouble.

    However I have grown several big beautiful photo strains with out a problem ( also have had a few that was unsuccessful ) . I prefer dirt, it is slower but easier.

    I don't use rockwool so I can't help you there. I love root roit cubes, I use them for soil, dwc, seeds and clones.

    So I only grow for 9 months I don't even try to grow during the summer it's just too damn hot and I don't have to with a successful winter grow.

    Here is what I have had success with.
    1. I use two buckets and rotate ever week, same lid.
    2 .fresh water and nukes. I condition my nukes for four or five days .
    3 .clean the bucket between each cycle.

    I use fox farm nukes because I can get them local and it's 6 hours round-trip to the hydro store. So I use whats covenant for me. To condition my nukes I put three gallons of ro water in a bucket and then I add ( with a aeration stone running 24/7 in both buckets )
    1 . Grow big let set for 12/24 hours
    2. Cal/mag 12/24 hours
    3. Big bloom 12/24 hours
    4. Tiger bloom 12 hours
    5. H2O2 12 hours
    6. PH up/down

    This is just an example, you have to know and adjust for
    1. Age of plant
    2. Possible plant issues/needs
    3. Environment
    And so much more.

    Read some info on hydro and make sure you can at least maintain the minimum requirements or it will never happen.
    Good luck
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    rastagurlx90 New Member

    What do you recommend for only one flower? Is it still good to do hydro? What light i should use?
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    Welcome new member! Happy growing!

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    Have you seen SNopes' accuracy track record?

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    It's a lefty site so who knows, everything is suspect eh? Imagine that!
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    tell us more about the flat earth and the chemtrails!

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    I'd rather hear more about prochops grow methods. lol

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