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    Ok I'm having a problem now, my plants are growing just fine but only one is growing roots down into the water, the rest are tiny little roots. Should I be worried about this?

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    Be patient.
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    Thanks bro
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    Your welcome. Good luck
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    Like what im seeing in this thread, nice setups.

    Here is are some pics of my hydroponic setup:
    One 400HPS
    One 600HPS.

    Tent size: 150x150x280cm or 5x5x?9?

    Tent temperature: 22-24 degrees.
    Water temp: 19-23 degrees.
    Humidity: 35-40%
    (I live in a cold environment)

    Dutch Pot Hydro 1m2, room for twelve buckets 7L (2gallons) each bucket. I use 3 buckets this time.
    Each bucket filled with leca balls.
    Tank max 70L (18.4gallons) , i usually put in 60L (15.8 gallons)
    Hailea Adjustable Air Pump 10 l/m

    The nutrients I use for veg is:
    Advanced nutrients, Jungle Juice series (Micro, bloom and grow).
    Advanced nutrients, Voodoo Juice.

    Advanced nutrients, Jungle Juice series (Micro, bloom and grow)
    Advanced nutrients, Voodoo Juice.
    Advanced nutrients, Big Bud.
    Advanced nutrients Bud Factor X
    PK Bulk 18:20.

    Took these a few days ago, day 39.
    The big one in the back and the one on the left is Amherst Sour Diesel and the smaller one on the right is Bubba´s Gift. Both from Humboldt Seeds.

    Amherst Sour Diesel, day 39.

    Close-up on Bubba´s Gift, day 39.
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    Nice keep up the good work
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    I am newbie grower. I grew one plant before just for fun in soil and had a some success. I purchased a versagrow hydropronic drip system. I'm currently attempting to grow 4 OG kush autoflower and 6 blueberry autoflower. I'm using coco coir as a medium. And a S450 Led lighting system.

    Do I run the drip system 24/7?

    There is some white fuzz growing around a couple seeds that haven't sprouted. Turned on the exhaust for the first time to lower the humidity. I move the regular fan to blow directly on the plants and haven't watered in about in two days. Should I get rid of the seeds?

    Should I even be using coco coir? Should I have mixed something with it.

    Do I add fertilizer directly to the hydroponic system? Or fertilize separately? I added a lil rapid start a few days ago.

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    Never grown with Coco as medium, but I imagen the drip system should go 24/7 as if you had Leca balls. The plants need nutrients/oxygen all the time which they get through the water, if you have a air pump in your system?
    If you dont, get it ASAP and with more than 3 air stones because you planing to grow so many plants at once.
    Otherwise your plants wont survive.
    Keep a good air circulation inside the tent at all times, never have a fan blowing on fast speed directly on the plants because they will get wind burnt if you do.

    Nutrients should be put directly into the water tank, wait a while 1-2h check ec, check ph and adjust the ph if needed.
    Get at pump to keep the water inside the tank circulating at all time.

    But to be honest, so many plants inside that tent with hydroponic nutrients will take up to much space because the plants grow much faster and bigger than if you would grow in soil.

    If I were you I would change the medium to Leca Balls to decrease the chance of mold and maybe grow 1-2 plants inside that tent.

    Take a look at my setup in the post over this one. That system have 12 buckets available, but I can use max 4 because the plants grow so quick, tall and big in a hydroponic system.
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    Ok so I went got some leca balls cleaned them real well and moved the seedlings to the new medium. I took the number of plants down to 4 . I have two large airstones, should I go get a couple more? Can I put the other drippers in the pots or will that be to much water at one time?

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    For now two airstone should be ok, but keep an eye on the plants when they get bigger for any signs of nitrogen/oxygen deficiency.

    You could, just be careful so the drippers dont dripp faster than they drain otherwise your buckets will overfill.
    Remember this also when your plants get bigger, the roots will probably go through the holes from your buckets trying to reach the main water, when there is no room left in your buckets, the chance of overfilling increases much more.
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    check out this setup, quite easy to duplicate, really simple design.

    Of course, you could be cheap use coco and perlite or vermiculite and hand water every day collecting the runoff and using it in the garden.
    Once in the morning once in the evening. I think everyone should start there as a baseline to see just what hydro can do. I currently have month-old seedlings in soil, now being dwarfed by week old hydro ones.
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    There just remaking the wheel. A basic hydro system does the same thing. It's clever and kudos for creating it.
    Why put a pump under that stress when gravity will do the same thing.

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    The only stressed pump is the return pipe. The outgoing side relies on gravity after it is pumped down from the large pump. It is not a continuous running loop.
    I would use an outboard air cooled pump, maybe one of those Jaebo brushless ones with the soft start. It only has to run for a short while at the end of each cycle to return the water from the pipes to the large bin.

    Let's say those pots each takes 10L of water, (sorry I speak metric, mostly) that is 130L to return for each string. I reckon a 1400L/h pump should do just fine (somewhere from 23 to 30W)

    I like it for the simplification of the hardware side, you basically loop a flexible hose in a U which is supplying each pot with a simple push through T-barb. at each pot.
    So your layout: is 2 reservoirs, big and small
    2 pumps One should be able to push water up to the height of the large reservoir at a decent rate.
    Long flexible hose (looks like about 1/2")
    A float switch
    and a T and grommet for each pot. Your mom could put this together.
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    Took another look at the video...I understand.
    Funny you should say that. I needed her help with what I did.

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    hydoponics better than soild
    Max Anderson

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    I'm new here so can't post a link but there's a good guide if you go to productiongrower com

    Good luck!

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    My leaves are starting to look like spinach leaves what's wrong with them

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    Hey my plant looks like spinach leaves what's up with that

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    I just received Hydroponics A Practical Guide for the Soilless Grower ~ $70 on Amazon

    It's a college level book 400+ pages

    Hope it ups my game

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    Here's a simple DIY for a small personal use grower. I can easily be expanded but I run it as multiple dual tote systems

    I have 2 systems running. One with Igloo, one with tote sitting in a low Igloo. 2 pumps in each, one for flooding, one for flooming. Big plant was a single tote

    IMG_3904.JPG IMG_3900.JPG Chiller Floom.JPG IMG_3715.JPG

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