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    All right! Hydroponics is what I know, and hydroponics is the way I grow! :bigjoint:

    This forum will be great, we can discuss anything hydro. No dirtbags here, We haul water!

    We can compare the different nutrient salts, and all of the additives. Plus the kinds of soilless media and what irrigation system is best for each. And of course, pH and TDS measuring equipment, feeding and flushing, etc.

    And all the while, we'll make fun of those guys hauling big bags of dirt! :blsmoke:

    I can't think of any questions right now, what do YOU want to know?

    Garden Knowm

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    How did you get your name? POT ROAST?
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    Man you just wanted to be the first person to whore up the hydro section. lol.

    J/k Im sure I will be asking a few questions once I get my airoronics system built.

    Knowm... I think it's because he is always roasted on pot:)
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    How often do you have to flush the water in a hydro system?

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    In Terms Of Quality Would You Say Waters The Way

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    hey this site is great much thanks to all.i am used to being a dirt man myself but want to covert what is a good way to set up a hydro systeam i do understand the idea behind it just dont have the money to go for the high end stuff if u can explain a cheaper alternative i would be gratefull if the money is need explain about how much is a good starting amount with a list of main peices:bigjoint: one more time thatnks in advance
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    I think water is better but soil taste better.
    Widow Maker

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    Flush ever week to two weeks.
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    completly new to hydro system...
    can anyone help out??

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    Depends on the system bro I've done plenty of no flush grows and believe me I was dead against it for a long time until I started using Lucas's formula and recommended addbacks. you would think of course that some of the element salts would build up to toxic levels but it really doesn't come into play as you would thing when you properly manage your nutrient solutions. I will still recommend especially for beginners res changes every two weeks but not before that is only wasting nutrients as well as adding extra waste to the environment.
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    seems each system type requires different water consumptions. mr green says 3 times a day, one says flood 5 times a day, what is the recomended water/mixes to apply? a continual drip? a mist from above? Bubbleponics? a continuous flow from a bubbleponics style set will be ok and not overwater???

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    The type and timing of irrigation in a hydro system should be determined by the medium used. The denser the medium, the longer it will retain water. But that means less room for air in there. That's why dense media like rockwool and coir fiber are used, because of their good water retention, as well as the ability to maintain sufficient amounts of air even when wet.

    For dense media, a drip system is best because of the water column that goes downward in a cone shape. Dripping into looser media like growrocks doesn't work as well because the water column is more like a straight-sided tube.

    For growrocks, it's best to flood and drain. That pushes all of the stale air out of the rocks, and sucks fresh air in.

    For no media, as in aero or NFT, the roots are bathed constantly.

    For each system, you should experiment with the irrigation timing to find the optimal for your medium, so your plants always have everything they want.

    HTH :mrgreen:
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    So far so good...[​IMG]This is a bubbleponics setup with an air stone in it.

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    hi you just wantin to know iam thinking of paying round £400 for a setup. do you think thats to much thanks for your time

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    fuck yea, this kicks ass

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    good morning world .how the hello are ya .just got a ? for ya .how hard is it to set up a hydro system ? this is what i have. 3 ) 5 gal. buckets (for you people that has problem with waits and measurements its more than a 16oz tall boys.) lol what else .going to try hydro.everybody is raving bout it what so damn good bout it any way......chuckles

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    waits and measurements?? what are you waitin to measure??lol
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    Al B. Fuct

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    Way waaaay too much. No need to buy packages of crap from hydro shops. 95% of what you need to do hydro is available from a hardware store, including high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

    A flood system is cheapest and easiest to set up. The only thing you really need from the hydro shop is the nutrient solutions- but more experienced growers can even make up their own.

    Flood trays can be either tailor-made, moulded plastic sorts from the hydro shop or you can gin up your own out of 2x4's, plywood, plastic sheeting and some PVC tubing & fittings.

    HPS security lights from the hardware store will do fine. You can also get horticultural HPS lamps (these have some added blue light) from the hardware store, but the security grade HPS will work fine for flowering.

    Water and air pumps can come from an aquarium shop, usually much more cheaply than from the hydro shop- and they are the very same pumps. Many hardware stores have aquarium pumps sold for garden water features.

    Lawn irrigation and garden hose parts from the hardware can be used to make the simplest or fanciest hydro system you like. My system has a valved drain system so I need only twist a couple of knobs and turn on the pumps to drain my tanks.

    Don't be 'sold' by your hydro shop. While they may be convenient and have all your stuff in one place, they are not the one-and-only source for growing gear as many of their salesmen will have you think.
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    I dont think anybody should BUY a hydroponics system, there is one big thing about growing is to keep it one the LOW :) now why would you go an buy a system, maybe the cops keep an eye on that place...or maybe he keeps a list ? even if you pay with cash...do you think he has a pen handy to write down your plate number? hmm i love the hardware store, plus you look prof. buying there too :) the ladies like a man who is a proffesional :) just build your own stuff if u smoke weed you have an imagination
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    do you flush during flowering ,i never did before,should i be?

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