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  • Yes it has been a while. That was early 2009. Many things have changed, especially the grow area. lol You know what we had to start with. Good to here from you, stop by when your in town. VV
    VV Hello. Been a few years. Good to see your still motivating others. Is PB still kicking? Lost most contact when the other site re organized ." Not in Jail " says Earl now that's funny.
    Hey man I haven't been able to get in touch with you over the phone.
    give me a call if your not in jail.
    Thank you Todd.

    My job is easy. I run all over the state, that just makes me more visible then the ones that do the real work, the Compassion club leaders that deal with particular patients, those folks are the 'real heroes'. Thank YOU. VV
    Posting a pic would not be necessary, IF IN DOUBT FLUSH IT OUT. You do this with 1/4 strength nute solution, about 2 times the capacity of your pot. Pour 1/2 wait 0 minutes and then pour the other 1/2.

    To post pictures, Reply> Go Advanced>, Down to the bottom to Manage Attachments> this bring up a Window were you where you can browse and Upload > Close this window> Preview post> they will show up as thumb nails right in the bottom of your post. VV
    I need your opinion .... I think i might of over fed these girls... ? But i cant figure out how to post a pic
    Doing well, we have a medical grow going good, a radio show we do every Monday, and I am writing a column for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Magazine. VV
    Yes, I did and I responded.
    1) The cutting you take are as mature as the plants they came from once they have roots. Low nitrogen content is key to cuttings forming new roots. Rooted clones should have low nitrogen, no reason it shouldn't work. VV
    Yes, the t-5's work the same for either soil or hydro. I do not use them for flowering. Yes, I have 'tried soil', the first 5 plants I grew were in soil, I prefer hydro. I have a bad back, the hydro system I use is easier for me. Each plant goes into its own bucket once the clones set roots, the buckets are just 2 gallon, so they are easier for me to move around. VV
    Hello VV I was looking through your old Journal with all the questions about T5's, and I have another one for you if you dont mind.
    Do T5's work just as well with soil or is more of a hydro thing? Have you tried soil?
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