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hey all...I have been here for a while, and the entire time, I have been using dirt.......and now,I think I want to try hydro since I grow indoor. I basically do hydro, but with dirt, I almost have the entire setup, but I was feeding my plants a hydro way, so I might as well go all the way. wish me luck


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All right! Hydroponics is what I know, and hydroponics is the way I grow! :bigjoint:

This forum will be great, we can discuss anything hydro. No dirtbags here, We haul water!

We can compare the different nutrient salts, and all of the additives. Plus the kinds of soilless media and what irrigation system is best for each. And of course, pH and TDS measuring equipment, feeding and flushing, etc.

And all the while, we'll make fun of those guys hauling big bags of dirt! :blsmoke:

I can't think of any questions right now, what do YOU want to know?

I have been using dirt for a few years now but I've been kinda feeding them like a hydro way...mix the nutes in a barrel and then pump it to the plants...but I'm tired of dirt...to damn messy...so I'm ordering my hydro supplies and I hope I ordered right...then hopefully the seeds that I kept in the frig are still good or I will have to try and order from attitude seed bank. Oi Vey