HOW TO KILL SPIDER MITES 100%: " Naturally - no chemicals"

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    I have never heard of broad mites tbh,it kills everything else, I would suggest buy Neem oil make a spray bottle of it and trt it on them if it works you'll know.

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    They laugh at Neem. I have sprayed them directly and they keep on trucking. I've actually watched them walk through droplets. Spinosad doesn't seem to work either. I'm about to try Nuke Em from Flying Skull. It's the only thing I've read about so far that seems to be successful with them.
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    Jay7t5 Well-Known Member

    Pyrethrum or pyrethrin bombs would normally kill any mites, I'm sure there's someone here who's battling them have a look
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    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    Neem isn't a contact killer, it stops them from being able to eat. It working is compatible with that observation (I think)

    Jay7t5 Well-Known Member

    Well I have use mistrys Neem cake 2 table spoons in 25-30 litres of organic super soil Cause it was crawling with springtails and aphids and baby aphids crawling every where when you drag your finger across the surface, after 2 days there's not 1 in there to my amazement, I've sprayed horticultural soap mixed with Neem oil 5ml per litre onto a aphid that I caught in a glass and it died hour later, swear down
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    hi ryder

    hi ryder Member

    well its 2017 now how did it go

    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    I used chili water spray two weeks ago and again a week ago. My mites are suppressed, I haven't seen any since the second application.
    Tomorrow I'll be able to tell you if they smoke hot
    hi ryder

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    good luck ive ben working on a website that MITE help
    9k hid

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    prevention is key to no pests. after every grow i mix a little bleach and water and spray everything down and i mean everything light fixtures too.had the worst infestation plants for 2 grows.(don't take cuts from clowns!!!) after cleaning the room with the bleach mix not a single mite. plants from wall to wall. try it out it worked for me. i tried capt jack and they laughed. 1:10 ratio. of bleach to water. or 10%.. hope this helps
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    vidrose Member

    I like this idea, i happen to have a garden full of habs, scorpion and ghost peppers, just wondering, how many peppers in the mix is too many, and i also gave it some thought, what about mixing this in with the nutes at time of feeding, just as a preventer should something be in the soil mix.

    Is this a spray that can be used every day if one desires or will it harm the plants if applied too often?

    Thanks again for the idea, for me its cheap to test as im loaded with the fresh peppers already ;).

    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    I sprayed chili 3 times within two weeks.
    I harvested a week after the last treatment.
    I do sometimes get hot chili flavors as I smoke them :)

    FarLeftBob New Member

    Interesting thread.
    I don't smoke refer, I just grow it because it's on my bucket list (early entry, from the 60's!) and family members appreciate any free bud.
    My main plant and it's 7 clones all have these little bastards on them.
    Iv e tried many treatments; none are permanent! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
    The main problem to get rid of them is that any chemical of any nature could reside on the plant and end up in the lungs and maybe the bloodstream.
    I found this post interesting.
    Capsaicin is the hot stuff in hot peppers. It is used by the plant to deter animals from eating it.
    With all due respect to your forum and thread, I wonder whether or not there is real insecticidal properties in this compound.
    I'm going to try it because I've tried everything else except nicotine, which I know is a powerful insecticide. Residual nicotine on the plant would give the smoke a bigger bang, I guess; who knows. It is easily available as a e-cigarette liquid. However, nicotine is a powerful people poison too, and preparing, using and storing it all have potentially fatal consequences. But it would work; it has to!
    Back to hot peppers and capsaicin; I wonder if there is commercially available capsaicin; it is used in preparations for deterring animals in the garden.
    Methinks that pure capsaicin is easier to obtain and use than concentrated hot
    pepper soup.
    I will try boiling down those small, tiny little Chinese 5-alarm hot peppers.
    I guess it's all about availability of hot peppers.
    I'll post my results.

    vidrose Member

    I think the key to the whole process is to keep on them every 2-3 days for at least a month weather you see activity or not, A really good sprayer that atomize the spray and pounds it into the plant is a must, unless you can dunk the whole plant in the mix which actually seems to work best. Spray every crack and crevice of the plant and the pot there in and what the pot sets on. Im sure this will crack a few people up, but im now using a cheap harbor freight automotive hvlp spray gun for liquids as im tired of all the shit hand sprayers that are out there that just cant force the spray into all the hiding spots. As far as dry powders such as De im using a powder coat gun also available at harbor freight, it offers amazing and precision dusting also. Im sure there's better options out there but this is what works for me.

    I just washed off the De today after 5 days of being dusted, all i see is dead bodies now after almost 30 days of combat, ill be following up for the next week or so with this Pepper spray, hopefully no more dead bodies after this ;).

    Im sure everyone already knows this but get a good loop around 50x, and examine your leafs, as you kill them they keep getting smaller and smaller and very hard to see.

    Oh yea, if you have an infestation, capture some pow's and put them in a few zip lock plastic bags and run some test's n see if they die before you waste your time with the whole plant. I cant find any live ones now so im kinda at a loss at this time.
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    Old Bubblehead

    Old Bubblehead New Member

    Yes I can vouch for this method. I had a bad infestation some months ago.
    Researched and found the Caliwash recipe. Followed it carefully and in 2 weeks my plants were all returning to good health. Vigorous growth followed by a nice harvest were my results.
    Good luck with your Spider mites are a real B#$%tch
    Old Bubblehead

    Old Bubblehead New Member

    The pepper spray is not difficult to cook up and is very effective. Actually the most effective I have experienced.
    I do not use chemicals for any part of my grows.
    I will however fog a room with pyrithin (sp) after an infestaion [plants removed] or before starting a new grow. Spider mites indoors is a big winter problem here in AK in my experience
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    100% kill guarntee "............


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    Pepper spray as in pepper plus water or ACTUAL pepper spray that burns your eyes and water mixed together?

    vidrose Member

    Read page 1 for best explanation.
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