HOW TO KILL SPIDER MITES 100%: " Naturally - no chemicals"

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    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    Yes, so why apply predator bugs , they will lay their eggs and shit on your buds, and they will die on your buds.
    hi ryder

    hi ryder Member

    the adverts say predator bugs just goaway when there are no more spider mites i am suspicious of that they must have an effect i would like to use ladybirds if anything, after the deed you can just gather them up and put them somewhere else till they are needed again. . the ozone is a real tool very effective so i probably wont find out about the mites now,, the demitaceus earth is on my list but it wont get mixed in with the earth any liquids will render it useless it will be sprinkled over dry earth or perlite as ive got a layer of that over the soil i reckon that helps too

    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    They walk away, but their poop lingers, this can be seen under a magnifying glass.

    Predator bugs are good when you have an outdoor garden. Praying mantises will eat each other, after they have eaten all the mites. Personally if I was growing outside I would just stick with the sprays.

    If you try lady bugs, make sure you have the right ones! There are two types of bugs that people call ladybugs, one eats meat, one eats plants. do some research first, takes a second

    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    Over never tried ozone, but I imagine it would be perfect for budding plant, thankfully I have never had mites during flowering, if I did, I would probably throw them out, or possibly try that ozone method. I would never use any sprayson budding ladies.
    hi ryder

    hi ryder Member

    i just had the worst harvest yet because of them, never had them before , so when i saw the webbing just springing up here and there i falsely started treating for white powder mould , then the sprays and home brews for the mould then i saw some bud rot on my prized spacer in a panic i chopped them down dryed it and got rid of it quick,, next two attempts at growing produced webbing on the seedlings finaly i found out what it was (SPIDERMITES) chilli mix was good but i burnt the leaves hopeing nothing goes wrong this time 2 x afgan kush ryder, 1 x lennon auto 1x cream mandarine 1 x blueberry 1 x ak47 auto fingers crossed

    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    Next time spray with spinosad

    Majorduke Active Member

    Good day fellow growers, not a newbie but new at this problem. Yep spider mites, not sure how I got them.. sterile buckets, distilled water, sterile environment, and happy frog as usual. I've seen lots of possible solution on here, but what I haven't been able to find is what would be safe for my seedlings as I found this problem early. The babies just broke dirt within the last couple days. Any suggestions on my situation are greatly appreciated

    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    Diluted captain jacks, or start over if you can, boil the soil
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    Lacedwitgame Well-Known Member

    I DUNKED in spinosad...checked the next day & still seen mites.

    Im about to dunk in neem, every 3 day for two weeks. Then ill wait 2 weeks and release predators.

    If this doesnt work im gonna stop with the bullshit & just grab some floramite

    MynamewouldbeJosh420 Active Member

    That's not gonna work.

    Spray with neem, spinosad, and azamax, everyday for the first 4 days. Spray every three days for 2 weeks after that.
    hi ryder

    hi ryder Member

    yep for the seedling i very carefully wiped the spidermites of the stems and underside of the leaves of the tiny plant then 3 minutes of ozone at 4ooppm i seem to be clear but you never know

    kelevra1572 New Member

    Co2 is the best, and cheapest way to kill mites...just take away the little fuckers oxygen, and they die...simple, each application is like three dollars, buying spary can get costly.

    zman33 Well-Known Member

    How do you apply Co2

    Crazymatt77 New Member

    My spider mites problem is actually on all my pepper plants. I used ghost peppers to make this spray. How ironic is it that I used the plant that had the infestation to cure it? It doesn't get any more natural to cure a plant than with its own fruit!

    Just put the first spraying on. Hopefully, this does the trick. It looks like they all quit moving already. I just need the plants to survive till I move them outside, then the lady bugs will do the rest of the job.

    DFGardenGnome New Member

    This worked great for me and saved my crop. Thanks.

    maxiecool2 New Member

    throughout the post people have used different chillies with mixed results (im not lazy, i went through all 46 pages)
    has somebody worked out what the minimum rating on the scoville scale to get rid of spider mites?
    habanero chillies are hard to come by in my area, especially after a tropical cyclone has just the north of the country!
    pepperheadsforlife website the-scoville-scale
    (wont let me post a link because im a newbe here)

    devan763 New Member

    Just want to let anyone who is interested know that I had a 99.9% success rate killing spider mites using co2. My process was to place the plant in some sort of container, a 55 gallon trash can is what I used for my larger plants. Place the plant in the container, fill it with co2, and wait an hour before removing the plant. The co2 will suffocate the mites and is relatively harmless to the plants so long as they are not left in the environment for extended periods of time.

    -co2 is toxic to humans at levels this high, make sure you have someone with you in case you start to get light headed, best to do this outside in open air.
    - the plant must be kept under light. I do not know why this is the case, I assume it has something to do with the plants ability to process co2 while it is photosynthesizing.
    - DO NOT DO THIS IN THE DARK, I cannot stress that enough. The plant needs light while you are treating it.
    - try to ensure no leaves or growths are touching the sides of the container your plant is in
    - I have only tried this on vegetative plants. I have not yet used this method during flower, so I don't recommend treating flowering plants unless you are willing to continue the experiments. I severely hurt 3 plants getting this technique down.
    -I know it kills every stage past the egg, but am unsure if it kills the eggs too.

    Good luck and happy hunting. I almost felt bad after using this method as it was too easy, and showed immediate results.
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    supdro Well-Known Member

    How did you do this? I mean putting co2 in a bag and gasing the plant

    devan763 New Member

    Co2 is heavier than air. I bought a tank, and five feet of tubing. I make sure the tube is in the bag, and the bag is closed tightly around it, then I turn on the co2, until the bag has inflated to the desired level. Then I pull out the tube and tie the bag shut
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    OBtree Well-Known Member

    Ok so caliclean man. I'm. A fan and have indeed used this formula/spray schedule in the past with very good results. Also could be used as pepper spray for a garden intruder. How does it fair with broad russet mites ? Those are my issue now in my outdoor Hawaiian greenhouse. I'm gunna start rotating it in with a couple other sprays I use nuke em right now what's your input? I don't remember it being perticilarly harsh on plants ?

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