HOW TO KILL SPIDER MITES 100%: " Naturally - no chemicals"

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    The pepper spray that is not the nuke em. I rotate Ed rosenthol insecticide neam oil nuke em and your pepper spray will be the 4th component. ( not including h20 sprays) gimme a shout lemme know if you have any experience with broad mites as most of the growing community know spider mites are a lot less of a nuacense than the broads thanks

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    Grab the little fuckers and kick them in the nutz !!
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    Somewhat helpful :) looking to speak with the recipe man. Or if you'd like share your knowledge of broad mites
    Riggggght on

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    Doing this now I hope it works on catapillers as well

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    pirate bugs dudez
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    My spray bottle clogs up

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    You have to strain the mixture through a cheese cloth or something like it.

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    Old post but I still wish to use my keyboard to chastise this young whippersnapper.

    @dbkick Your tone, demeanor, and message speak to your maturity and knowledge..

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    Vacume them then use foxfarm don't bug me works great its all natural and won't burn your sexy ladies 100% fool proof in my book unless you Vacume your plants up ofcourse hahaha o ya make shure you empty the Vacume right away far away or they will come back
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    Do pirate bugs kill spider AND russet mites? Thanks bro.
    hi ryder

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    This site helps

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    kind of late but i just found signs of spider mite dmg on some plants that are literally supposed to be harvested in a week the buds are fully developed and im wondering if it would be safe still attempt to spray them off using this chili spray even though its gonna be harvested soon and teh spicey residue might affect the way it tastes
    or Should i just cut my losses sterilize my room and start planning for the next cycle?

    Any help is truly appreciated thank you

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    This ^

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    Bummer... Thought I had my mite issue under control, had to leave the room for a few days and they came back strong and girls are late in flower - any hope here?

    Thanks all,


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    Yo Calibuzz!
    So I have had mild issue with fungis nats, and a bit of Thrips. I have stayed on top of them all summer, it seemed to be clear so I flipped the girls. Now 5 and a half weeks in I had a flair up of bugs out of nowhere. It took me by surprise big time. The girls are scrog so it is hard to check deep in the canopy.
    I open my tent yesterday and find a white speckled leaf, picking it and sure enough the beginning stages of a spider mite infestation. So now I have Thrips, Fungis Nats, and Spider Mites. At first I freaking out and am like damn what do I do. I grow organic and have never had to use chemicals EVER. I found this post! I read through all the Chem loving haters replies and thought fuck it I got nothing to lose at this point.
    I made up the pepper spray, but out of not being sure if I was getting trolled I only sprayed around the edges just in case it was going to fuck up my plants.
    I checked first thing this morning, and WOW! THIS WORKS FOR ALL THE HATERS THIS WORKS AMAZING! I CAN'T FIND ONE BUG MOVING TODAY, NO NATS NO THRIPS NO MITES!!!!!!!!!!!! I of course still have some larva to deal with it but I am 100% confident that they are fucked.

    Remember I did not even spray the whole plants down, but the pepper is so strong that even without directly spraying all moving bugs are gone!!! HUGE THANKS FOR THIS INFO! YOUR A GARDEN SAVER!!! FUCK THE HATERS, GO SPRAY CHEMICALS IF YOU WANT BUT THIS WORKS EVEN BETTER THAN Calibuzz says use it and give thanks!!
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    I did it in 20 min and have no bug problems, pepper spray works amazing!
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    Guy's i have had my first experience of a gnat and springtail infestation in my organic soil the Spring tails im not so bothered about so much as I've had them before with no ill effects so I wanted to use a natural organic solution so I done my research and come across Neem cake or meal as it's known, I have applied about 3 table spoons to 7 gallons of soil mix thoroughly and I scraped and sprayed the top inch with Neem oil for 3 day's there is nothing left in there, the Neem cake has NPK of around 2-1-1 so ideal as a N amendment for supersoil,if you are looking for any Google mistrys Neem cake, it's cheap 5kg 10 quid, hope you nail them bastard's

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    Does this work with broad mites?

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