how long till my plant shows sex?????

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    njfinestkush Active Member

    ok its been roughly like 12 13 day already and this damn plant hasent shown shyt im feeling its going to b a dude!! what do ya think???? it should of been showed sex i think!!! heres some piks its kushberry by the way

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    Nethrick Member

    "Early female marijuana flowers look like little furry hairs, usually white, but they can be other colors. Early male flowers look a bit like small bunches of mini green bananas. Look near the leaf joins on your plants to see them emerging.
    Even pure female plants have the potential to turn male or hermaphrodite. This can happen if the plant is stressed too much through bad treatment or if chemicals are applied to the plant to induce male flowering. "

    male_marijuana_plant.jpg female_marijuana_plant.jpg

    I thought these pictures and the aforementioned description was pretty clear. From the pictures you took there's no way of telling, you gotta get in there and lift some skirts

    wtfbigbud Member

    can a plant show sings in a veg state? i have four plants about 40 days old from seed two were supposed to be fem. seeds and other two bag seed , but just noticed today that one of my feminized wappas looks like it has little seed pods on the like third node up . they have been on 18/6 400w mh and two 90w uof leds the whole time and in ffof soil 3 gal buckets the room has been about 80-90 could that be the problem to make it show male ? they dont look heat stressed and doing fairly well .
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    njfinestkush Active Member

    yeah they could show sex while there in the veg state when there ready to flower they will show u and i no how to tell if its a male a female ive grown b4 im just saying its taking mad long to show signs there is no nut sacks or pubic hairs on my plants i usually see them max like 7 or 8 dayz but its taking mad long!!

    Anonymouse Active Member

    You should start seeing small hairs on those 40 day olds anytime, that's about the time I did on my Aurora plants. I do have an unsexed Kush that's showing nothing after 7 weeks and over 2' tall :)
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    njfinestkush Active Member

    thats nutz!!!
    Cpl. CornB33F

    Cpl. CornB33F Active Member

    Your 12 to 13 days from seed?

    wtfbigbud Member

    cool thx for the info there not very tall yet been in 3 gal pots with ffof for only ten days and noticed root hairs at the bottoms of the pots already , there maybe 10" tall but very bushy lights mh 400 8" above plants 90w ufo leds are on sides now . clones are three days old and see very small roots starting on them too. i hope there all girls!!! total is 41 days now since seeds cracked and went into soil .

    smallclosetgrowr Well-Known Member

    dude it doesnt matter how long you have been in 12/12 your plants not going to tell u its a chick until its "mature" looking at the size of that plant i would say youll be waiting another 14days

    blaze1camp Well-Known Member

    some strains wil begin to show sex in there 3rd-4th week...

    coocooforkush Active Member

    That avatar is hilarious. I also have kush that are on 12 12 for 10 days and still growin in veg. Kush seem to take a bit longer to show sex.
    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    Smallcloset is right; it's entirely possible that you tried to flip before the plant was mature enough to show sex. Be patient; it takes 5-6 weeks from seed for plants to be mature enough to show sex; dependent upon strain. Good thing is usually the boys show up first so if it's delayed chances are it's a girl.

    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    From seed... a healthy plant will show preflowers when it matures...anywhere around 30 to 40ish days depending on strain...

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