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    So the industry formed a Association and is going to hire a lawyer. They have 40,000 of the 50,000 retainer he needs.
    If anyone can donate for this, it would help. Even $5-$10 helps. We need to win so your state has a precedent to argue, plus it sends a message to your legislators to be fair.


    Montana Cannabis Industry Association Launches Unified Defense Against SB 423

    On May 5, 2011,


    We’ve got a short time frame to do it, but we must stop SB 423 from being implemented and destroying access to medical cannabis in Montana. The Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MCIA) will secure the services of attorney Jim Goetz of Bozeman who has experience with cannabis cases and experience winning a constitutional case in the United States Supreme Court. He’s a “big gun.” When Montanans see his name, they’ll know we are serious and we are hiring the best. MCIA talked to more than a dozen lawyers and Goetz was the name, over and over. Even attorneys who wanted the job themselves said Goetz was the man.
    Hiring the best comes with a price. We must raise $50,000 by Friday morning. That’s what it takes for the best and that is the timeframe we’re working with. We can do this.
    On behalf of caregivers and patients statewide, Goetz will deploy legal actions intended to first delay the new law’s implementation, and then strike it down in its entirety. The initial delay action will buy us time to collect signatures for the referendum to keep the law from being implemented. But we need your financial help immediately to make this happen.
    There’s no time for hand wringing. A $250 contribution towards securing Goetz’s services also provides membership to the MCIA. But please give more if you can. The clock is ticking.
    The attorney. The venue. The plaintiffs. Every detail contributes to our success or failure. It’s critical that we consolidate our efforts into this case. We have strategy. We need an attorney that Montana judges know and respect so the court system understands that we are a group of professionals.
    And that we’re not going away.
    You recognize the need to invest in this effort to protect patients and the caregivers that serve them. There is no time to waste. Contact us immediately with your pledge and send checks to:
    Montana Cannabis Industry Association PO Box 1556
    Missoula, MT 59806

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    Give Dr. Paul a $4.20 donation to show your support leading up to April 20th.

    The $4.20 on 4/20 Movement for Ron Paul

    The 420 Message

    Cool sites about sending a message to politicians who support legalizing Cannabis.
    For the price of a Big Mac, it can make a difference.

    The 420 Message Statistically it is reported that there are 30 million people in the United States that use Marijuana, which is approximately 10% of the population. It is however approx. 36% of the total votes cast in the 2008 Presidential Election. It screams the question, Why is Marijuana still illegal in the USA?

    Because these 30 million people have simply never united to make their voices heard. The 420 Message is a movement started to do just that. It is designed to very simply send a strong message to ALL Politicians that the time has come to actually make a change that matters. This is not about making it legal for a bunch of stoners to get high. It is about building a positive future in the United States and creating new jobs, even new industries. Are you aware that the US has spent 14 Billion Dollars importing Hemp from Canada? That the first car built by Henry Ford had a body made from Hemp (stronger than fiberglass) and that it ran on Hemp Oil (bio-fuel)? That Hemp can be used to make paper & clothing. There are over 100 known positive uses of Marijuana/Hemp beyond the positive medical uses, it is time that this taxpayers money pit be abolished once and for all.

    The war on drugs has failed and there is absolutly no sound reason why Marijuana is listed as a schedule 1 drug. All that needs to happen to make a positive change is to change the schedule rating. And yet here we are in what some believe to be the best Country on Earth with our Courts and Prisons swelling to the bursting point over what is very clearly a victimless crime. Taxpayer Dollars wasted every day over a plant that could actually help us out of our current economic stress.

    How can we help you ask? The 420 Message is a very simple movement, all you need to do is Donate $4.20 to Politicians of YOUR choice on 4-20-2012. Want to Donate more? Do so in 420 increments, $4.20, $42.00, $420.00, etc. If each of the statistically mentioned 30 million Marijuana users donated just $4.20 it would equal $126 Million Dollars. That is a Message that the Politicians will understand. Even better would be to donate $4.20 every week from now till April and even beyond if you are so inclined to do so? Simple actually, you'd only be giving up say a BigMac once a week.

    Get involved, Ask the questions, Make YOUR Donations to Politicians that support Marijuana Legalization. In the current Presidential Election it is very clear that only one candidate supports this, Dr. Ron Paul. But The 420 Message is not trying to promote a single candidate and we believe that this should not be limited to just the Presidential Election. Rather it should extend to ALL elected Government Officials, National, State and even County.

    It is clearly time for a change and as one of the largest minorities in this great country, it is time for us to send the message. Make your voices heard, tell every one you know about the 420 Message, spread the word, make the donation, tell the Politicians how YOU feel !!!

    It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.
    Samuel Adams


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    Tried to mail this to you but you don't accept mail. Know this is old but just a note, if you want people to come out, it helps not to piss off a portion of your audience with stuff like this. Not everyone has your exact politics even if they support cannabis. Not an attack -- we need everyone we can get and can't afford to piss people off who don't believe the same as us on non-mj issues. That's a separate debate.


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