Ohio - VOTE on Nov. 7, 2023


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Ohio residents, now is the time to make sure you are registered to vote! Request your absentee ballot or double check your polling place, as some have changed.

On Tuesday November 7, 2023 we will vote on Issue 2, which would legalize adult use (recreational) marijuana for adults over 21 years of age. Possession of small quantities would become legal, as would home grows of up to six plants per person (12 max per household). This is our best chance yet to unite, make our voices heard, and end this unjust and counterproductive prohibition, as 23 states have already done.

A recent poll by Fallon Research indicated that 59% of respondents intended to vote YES for legalization while less than a third said they would vote no. Nearly half of Republicans polled said they support the measure, and independents and Democrats overwhelmingly support it. There is broad support across all age groups. But we still need every single yes vote we can get, including yours. The nature of this would-be law is such that the corrupt, do-nothing jokers at the state house in Columbus could still act to repeal the law, without any regard for the will of the people, and many of them have declared their opposition to it, inline with their weak puppet Gov. Mike DeWine. Don't tempt them - make our demands clear and pass this law in a landslide!

Is this a perfect law? No. It would task a control board with figuring out many of the nuts & bolts details of how a legal marketplace would work. The same board would oversee both adult use and medical marijuana and grant retail and commercial production and processing licenses. It has not determined exactly how all of this would work, nor when retail sales could begin, but details such as these are not a reason not to proceed. If 23 other states have already successfully gone ahead with this, surely Ohio can learn from their experiences and figure it out.

Please, spread the word! Ohio is expected to see a large turnout this November for a midterm election, due in no small part to this issue and Issue 1, which would finally enshrine reproductive rights into the state constitution. Every single vote counts, so please educate yourself and have civil discussions with your friends and family. The time has come, Ohio.


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congrats to ohio from Pittsburgh.now we need PA to legalize since we basically surrounded ,sept for WV
Yeah, hurry up! :)
Seriously, I'm just over an hour from PA (Hermitage and Sharon) and would love another dispensary option that's closer than Morenci, MI. We'll probably have them up and running here late next year, but knowing Ohio and how the turds at the statehouse are talking, it'll probably take longer than the law calls for and be expensive here at first. The experience in Morenci is fantastic, with several shops that have a nice selection and some awesome prices, but it's just too far to go regularly.

Oh, wait, we can grow our own, LOL. Gotta get some friends growing so we can trade.
SO happy we made the move. I’ve moved a lot in my adult life, for the military and other reasons, and every time I’ve left a state they legalize within a year or two. FINALLY we get the go ahead. I’ve been studying and waiting for this for yearsssss. Let’s do it babyyy!