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Jan 3, 2017
    1. S7M
      Daniel, I've been trying to get on riddlem3 for a long time but registry is always closed, I have real strong passion about growing and riddle n uncle Ben are the 2 I respect, it's the only reason I ever look at riu, can you tell me how to contact riddle
    2. dcasper75
      hey iam just curiuse about how u kept temps down in ur frige grow i wanna set someting up similar but i have a side by side fridge the over all mesurments are 2ft 4 in wide 2ft 2in depth and 4ft 8 in tall once i broke down everything and cleared out the fride the inside mesurements were as followed frezzer 10 in wide 2ft2in deepand 4ft 6in tall fridge side 1ft 5 in wide 2ft 2in deep and 4ft 6in tall what i have planned is to bring air in from the bottom of the frezzer exhaust thru the rtop where there is already a hole the goes to the fride side and have a large exhauste on the fridge side to pull all air out i set up the frezzer side already i have 5 52watt cfl and my temps have bein pretty steady around 98degrees i know this is way to hot so any ideas of how to get the temp down to a managable area and then i still needa figure out the fridge side and btw do u know any specific way to figure out cfm of a fan when theres barely any information on it besides volt and amps
    3. sleepy29
      Hi, Daniel I'm trying grow with cfl in a dresser. The dresser is about 4ft long and 3and half in height 2 ft depth. I have 3 26watt soft white cfl that replacement 100w brightness 1750 lumen. Also purchase a 8 1/2 inch dome clamplamp 1 Daylight cfl that 6500k 11w =40 replacement. I have 400w hps/mh I will use that when able to buy a tent ect . Will those cfl work.
    4. konagirl420
      Happy New Year!!!!!
    5. SpaaaceCowboy
      Hey Daniel I saw an older thread where you grew in a fridge, and removed the freon...I was just curious how you did this ? thanks...If you could pm me the answer it would be appreciated...thanks SC
    6. d'Artagnan
      Figured it out bro! Thanks a lot!
    7. Moneymike313
      bongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmilieSUP DUDEbongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmilie
    8. oOBe RyeOo
      oOBe RyeOo
      Hey Daniels, I got a question for ya. I know I've seen you experiment with uvb. I was wonder what I should get and how far away from the plant canopy I should keep it. Maybe you could provide me with the link to where you talk about it. Whatever help you can provide would be much appreciated!

      ~Be Rye
    9. frogster
    10. CombatVeterans 4 Cannabis
      CombatVeterans 4 Cannabis
      hey daniels, could you take a look at mt most rest photo album dated 3-26-11 and check out my Tangerine Dreams. i think they are experiencing heat stress but im not sure. they sure are droopy. the rest seem to be doin fine. i just changed water and bumped the ppms of nutes to 500 not including ppms in tap water... temp at lid is at 80f, tent temp is 73f and water temp is 72f. ive added kelp and biobizz alg-a-mic hoping that would spruce her/them up but nodda. they both are growing with new growth...i also just got some hygrozyme(useful enzymes) im gunna add a lil to TD#1 see if that will help her out. ill give her a few days...ph is at 5.7... i have a fan blowing just above both TD's so its not sitting stagnant cooking in the light. i have the air intake going into the center of the buckets which is really helping keep the water temp below 75f...thats why you see the metallic boards in middle...i know ur not a hydro guy just hoping you might have an idea of what my issue is...thanx bro
    11. MTgirl
      Hey dropped by to say hi! Been reading a bunch of Riddle's threads as I am going to drown the hermie in another week or so...I am stalking his Truth about flushing thread and am about 50 pages into his balls to the wall thread too. I topped 3 of my 7 still in veg. Whatcha think, a 600wHPS enough light for all 7 at once or should I get some side lighting (T5's) in there too. Thanks for any input Daniels...
    12. CombatVeterans 4 Cannabis
      CombatVeterans 4 Cannabis
      yo daniels, could you please take a look on my last post on my 2nd grow...im having some problems...i need help asap...in the post i stated what the probs are...there r too many to list
    13. ~THE~SAINT~
      Look in my reance post and tell me what you think and my profile pictures tell me what you think i was going to start flowering
    14. ~THE~SAINT~
      sup remember me ok i have a 400x hps&mh i have ordered the jacks i have build a grow box 24 x 36 x 7foot tall i am adding two fans with vent i have found a store here a nursery what kind of soil mix i have seeds and all and how many plant in that space also i don't know the first thing about harvisting but we can get to that
    15. Winter Woman
      Winter Woman
      I have to be honest I thought I was looking a 'real' plant. lol. Still love it though.

      I've had a real trying time with Fungus Gnats. Who said it would be easy?
    16. Winter Woman
      Winter Woman
      I, absolutely, love what you are standing next to in your avatar. I can only wish I could produce something like that. Mine are about 4 footers. WW
    17. ~THE~SAINT~
      help me find you i am new to this sight i am on
    18. ~THE~SAINT~
      Super i will use speedy from now on starting next week i will order my stuff should b in then. I cancled the lights i will order them from the place you gave me they are cheaper i have to order some jacks too i will talk to you next week if you come up with any other ides let me know once again thank you
    19. ~THE~SAINT~
      one other question would you become a member to them
    20. ~THE~SAINT~
      guess you don't trust the sights here
      for seeds
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