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    Pretty much any brand of nutrients will work. Just read the instructions on the label. It would be cool if you can find an organic solution that works.

    If you run a 2-part then I'd choose to run a sterile res. That means killing off any and all bacteria with H2O2 or bleach. If you run a live res with bennies then make sure you keep the water cold. I've been recommending a water chiller to avoid root rot. Unless you keep your room cool it's pretty much the only way to go.

    My next design will be using coco fiber/perlite mix with 100% organic nutes.
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    I'm sure the setup is more important than the nutrients in this case.
    You can always improve the nutrients you use in a next grow. 1 run will eat about $200 worth of Botanicare products if you follow their feeding chart, and not much less if you use Stinky's.

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    IMPRESSIVE INDEED! I just had to get on here and throw down a post to point out that TODAY is the 9 year anniversary since Stink got this thread up and rolling, and it's been a great ride. Thank you StinkBud.

    This very thread is the one that got me interested and motivated to try out and start using hydro primarily, about 8 and a 1/2 years ago, even though I've designed and used systems that's are nothing like Stinks. It's just too bad that my depression and severe medical problems have had me inconsistently starting from scratch and stopping, again and again, to the point where I have had to pretty much give up completely now.

    Anyway, I hope everybody has a happy, stinky 9th anniversary! Lots of love to you all!

    P.S. If anyone on here is willing and able to help out a dying, disabled man who's dry and just got ripped off by his own neighbor a couple of weeks ago, then please PM me if you could possibly send me a little care package.
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    Are you maybe adding a few 0's to these PPM's lol?

    Sorry, but I use 180 PPM in veg, there is no way you can use 10x that amount and still have healthy plants...not trying to start anything, just want a clarification if someone was to try to copy your method.

    1500 ppm is like max amount @ peak flowering, and even then I find that to be about 500 ppm too high. Are you starting out with RO or distilled water?

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    That's weird, I start seedlings at 700 ppm but mostly do clone only. As soon as my clones have roots they get 1500 ppm minimum and usually up around 1800 ppm. I just got my first tip burn a few weeks ago when I hit 2000 ppm

    Maybe you aren't underfeeding your strain but at 180 ppm, what I grow would die from lack of nutrition

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    I will admit one thing that I learned in this thread right here and still constantly forget and forget to take into consideration is that just because a ppm pen says a certain ppm doesn't make it so. I learned here that EC is a true measurement and that all ppm pens use a different conversion factor. I use the same ppm pens all the time and didn't involve myself in the pages long argument and I do NOT use an EC pen even tho I have one, I just don't care at all because it is a moot ass point what the true ppm or EC actually is, it is only a starting reference point, a fake number to use to determine what causes burn then back off a bit. Numbers are a human concept and invention and could just as easily use letters instead and say that my plants burn at M ppms and I need to back off to K or L.

    Read the thread and see for yourself just how many people use these numbers and all experience good results. Not sure what you're doing wrong to be screwing it up so bad that you can't use the same numbers that everybody else uses with the same results. and I forgot tho you weren't asking me, I use tap water and IIRC it is around 150-170 ppm I think and I just add to come up to my desired ppm without taking into account the water ppm. I have considered using RO but just don't want to buy the rig and waste all that water. I occasionally add Cal-Mag and use it more often than not currently.

    I do have some rust spots in late flower and haven't done my due diligence to figure out the problem. They look like little round brown spots just like rust, not all plants, just one strain, and the pics of deficiencies I have seen the "spots" are irregular, not perfectly round like mine so i don't even know what's causing my issue, I just pretend to know and treat with cal-mag. It's only been a week or two and not sure if it's helping or not. I need to trim some affected leaves off and see if it gets better or worse

    the tip burn is different than the rust spots and I can tell the difference

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    Thought you guys might like these photos from work. New article in High Times coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled. Dope cup this weekend!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Unagi Active Member

    Very Nice. That just looks beautiful!

    How do those Pink hairs look when the bud dries?

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    They turn brown :(
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    Unagi Active Member

    There is something cool about that though! You can only experience it as a grower or if you know a grower. It's ur bonus for being a grower ;)
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    JAmiE'S Active Member

    That's great man love to hear stuff like that. Amazing.

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    I have been following this thread for almost a year. Can't believe how long it took to read the whole thing. I am in the middle of building the Stinkbud system and have a question. How far from the lid of the cloner are the sprayers? I will be using a shorter tub than the 27 gal and don't want the sprayers too close to the lid. What is the optimum distance?

    And a great big THANKS to Stinkbud for his expertise and dedication to this thread. love ya man

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    Personally, I put my misters above the water line and anywhere between 1-4 inches below the pots. I make clones though, 5 gal bucket clones. Same principle. My lids are absolutely water tight whereas none of the tote lids can be made water tight, they ALL leak and thousands in this thread have tried and failed so experimenting is the only option you have to find your sweet spot.

    OTOH, if you use casa De pot's buckets with the rubber o ring sealed waterproof lids, you can make nine sites per bucket with zero leaks. It is the only leakproof option, if you don't require leakproof, play with it, 2-3" below whatever pots you use will be good

    Others may disagree, I won't argue, I have proof

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    hi. in my area i only purchase 2x4 fence posts. kind of worried putting the roots in as its quite long. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    edit : i figured it out by slowly pushing it with a pipe and lowering it. so far so good.
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    @StinkBud Anything seriously change with your pvc systems and what not over the years? Anything up to date for today's use? Your book is from 2013, hence why I'm asking about what is up to date.

    420Barista Well-Known Member

    no changes to note for stinkbud. except if i recall he now grows in organic soil.

    Dexxxy Member

    What was his change of heart? Less upkeep?

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