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    kinda. there is a bunch of bullshit drama that is totally irrelevant to growing in any shape, form, fashion, or mode right in the middle of this monster thread and that can be skimmed very lightly. Don't make my mistake and read every post. Drop that SKIT and don't pick it back up until you have finished whatever thread this thread turns you onto. I still have two more long ones at least after this one.

    when the bitchin starts, start skimming and just keep skimming until you get back to the meat. I wish there were markers to point out what to skip and what is relevant, however unimportant or trivial.
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    big sigh, 'uge sigh.

    I can't believe I finally made it to the end. What a monster.

    edit: shit I forgot to include this info.
    Getting to the end I finally feel like the old guy in the canoe in the bottom of the oil tanker on waterworld. Have any of you guys even seen that movie???

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    congrats Waterworld was an epic movie I loved it
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    all you kats talking about Zeppelin earlier, have y'all heard Greta Van Fleet's "Highway Tune"

    It is very Zeppelinesque to me, everything about it, the whole sound, even the voice.


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    Who was talking about SCROG?

    I didn't mention anything about it. I was talking about a pvc frame similar to your system to use as plant supports.

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    well I started the 3 phases thread (after finishing a different thread or two) and got a little over 10 pages in and haven't seen but a pic or two with no description or plans or instructions, only a nute regimen, and then some guy just asking for pics got his ass jumped on and everybody started insulting him. While he was in this thread he kinda started off mad when SB first came back but then they buried the hatchet and he seemed nice and helpful.

    Turned me off bigtime, just can't do it. I may check out his other thread for a few pages, but I would rather start from scratch and go through all my own hassles and growing pains (no pun intended) and failures figuring shit out without the help of a dickhead that hurls insults at someone for asking questions. He only talks to his buddies, glad he's not around, RIU is better off without him.

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    I finally decided to copy Stinkbud's Aero instead of buying a system like the Aeroflo20 or Aeroflo28. The farmers in my country all use metal, wood or solid plastic for fenceposts so I can't find the right material. Anyway, I did find white PVC pipes for plumbing. The standards are 4" and 5".

    I almost sure someone has asked the same question a while ago but I can not find the tread again. Would 4" or 5" pipes cause any problems like clogging etcetera?

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    I have read the entire thread and there are problems associated with round pvc, however they are not clogging problems. You can probably make due but will have challenges to overcome. The net pots will not sit flush, the larger the pipe the better, even up to 6 or 8 inch. There are problems with the sprayer manifolds not sitting stationary, and the rails themselves are prone to rolling etc.

    So far, everybody regrets their choice of using round pipe and has switched to square instead. If I were you, I would search harder if you insist on the rail system. If you just want a cloner, lookup cloner buckets. Same principle but fully contained within a single 5 gal bucket or similar. Or even a tote cloner.

    Fence supply or fence builders? Hardware stores, DIY, etc???
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    MikeGanja Active Member

    Thank you for the advice, much appreciated! I will search again, this time emailing the fence suppliers. The Stinkbud thread and the thread with Alarics adventures (https://www.rollitup.org/t/an-outlaws-journal.879536/page-5) have inspired me so I am highly motivated for the moment. :)

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    If it is impossible to find square vinyl fencing or extremely costly AND you are deadset on rails, then pipe can be made to work, it just takes more effort to function as desired without leaks. It has been done. There are options however to do chambers like the totes for vegging. Just make one with fewer and larger holes. However, they are not without issues as well. Leaking. That is why superstoner1 adapted his rail version. I haven't read alarics thread, but SS1s thread can give some ideas as well.

    I am out of advice on where to find the square rails, although I do know if you can possibly find them at all, they would be worth the effort IF you can get them reasonably priced.

    Even the company stinkbud patterned his square rails from has since transitioned from round to square.

    Try the terminology vinyl fence post or vinyl fence post cover if you haven't already. When I first started looking I was using the exact words I saw used in this thread and although they may have been technically correct, the term PVC fence post returned exactly ZERO results on any search engine or retailers website. Large chain hardware stores near me do not carry them, even in season, in store. They have to be ordered online and shipped to store (preferably, then shipping is free).

    Have you tried that as well? Order from a chain website you have available near you? I am refraining asking what country or what exactly is available, I am just betting that they can be found with a lot of research. Lowe's, Casa de Pot (home depot), Ace hardware etc.

    Maybe poly vinyl chloride fencing is different than vinyl fencing. I wouldn't have thought it mattered, but it did.

    You can heat form pvc pipe and shape it to square, although I don't know the dangers and you will have to research that yourself if you decide to go that route. I have heard that pvc offgases poisonous fumes if not deadly chlorine gas (and by deadly, I mean instantly deadly one breath dead) but I do not have the resources to confirm that.
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    My very first aero system used round pipes and worked fine. You just need to create some sort of a yoke system to hold the pipes in place.
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    MikeGanja Active Member

    I searched again, this time more carefully. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t find it. So I have no other option than the pipes. The 4” and 5” pipes are fairly inexpensive. Much cheaper than buying the Aeroflo20 or Aeroflo 28 system.
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    MikeGanja Active Member

    If pipes is the only option, would you choose 4" or 5" pipes for your perpetual grow?

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    me personally, I would go as large a diameter I could find for one reason. To get the net pots to sit as flush as possible. Others may have better reasons for doing the opposite. Plus easier to maneuver the spray bars. I am sure there are plenty of reasons to argue differently
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    MikeGanja Active Member

    What you say makes sense. I'll get the larger ones.
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    Heads-up from StinkBud. Let's talk about RUSSET MITES. Up here in the NW russets are becoming a serious issue. I keep hearing horror stories about loosing entire crops. Russets are little bitches and when I say little I mean LITTLE. These fuckers can only be seen with a microscope.

    One of the first signs that you have russets is the leaves will start to curl and grow funny. A small leaf might make a sudden 90 degree turn like the letter "L". Also, if your plants are looking sick or stunted they might need to be checked.

    Get yourself a cheap digital microscope. Zoom into where the stem and leaves meet. Look for little white eggs and worm like mites. Remember, they don't look like normal mites. They look like little larvae with two front legs that they drag themselves around with.

    How do you get rid of them? You don't, you're fucked! You'd have to do a massive break-down,bleach and start-over from scratch. You can do it but it is hard.

    Treatment is spraying with Neem oil an Dr. Bronner's soap. 1/2tsp of each per quart is good for almost anything and is a good preventative too. You can safely spray up to two weeks into flower and sometimes a little longer depending on the strain. Just avoid spraying any buds.

    Make sure you spray the undersides of the leaves to the point of saturation. I actually "pet" the leaves as I spray them to work in the solution. The mites like to hang out on the underside so it's hard to get to them. If you are spraying outdoors or in a greenhouse you can hook up a home paint sprayer to a wand and spray massive amounts of plants in short time.

    Good luck!
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    You guys gotta check this out. This strain is the bomb! The last batch tested out at 32.4% THC! That's fucking crazy! All of these photos are from that same batch.

    You can download the test results here:

    If you're into Instagram be sure to follow us:

    Also, stay tuned for an interesting grow coming up. I'm designing a small 4-plant coco grow just for small spaces like bathrooms and closets. It's perfect for the home stash crowd. I'll be using it to find my new males for breeding so it should be a fun op. It's going to be weird keeping and cloning males. I may have to start a line of pollen!

    Love ya all!
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    Unagi Active Member

    Hats off to you @StinkBud ! You've kept this thread going for almost 10 years. First time i ever seen anything like it.

    Super impressive :D

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro! I can't take all the credit because it's really the people that have kept this thread going. I've met a lot of cool "buddies" over the years. Gifts from god...

    It's been a long, strange trip! When I started this thread, cannabis was only legal to medical patients in a few states. Now anyone in Oregon and Washington can go down to the local pot shop and walk out with fire. The cannabis industry is going-off big time and it's cool to be right in the middle of it. I've combined my two favorite things in the the world (weed & design) and get paid to do it.

    The one thing you will notice through the entire thread is I've never been disrespectful to anyone. Nothing but love here. Sure we've all seen our share of trolls and bitches but that's just life. No need to let them bring you down. Love conquerors all is not just a cliche...actually it is a fucking cliche...never mind.
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    kmetavzar Active Member

    Hey guys...

    Getting back into the scene after a while... It's the first time I'm going hydro (been growing in soil before), and I decided to use StinkBud's system.

    However, I have a problem you might help me out with. I tried searching both on the forums and google but couldn't find anything, but I'm quite sure it's been both asked and answered before. Unfortunately, I can't go read 600 pages of posts, so please, be kind :)

    Anyhow - here's the question: looks like Botanicare nutes are almost impossible to buy where I live (Europe) bar ordering them from the US or the UK. Given they're liquids and therefore heavy, shipping is way too expensive, so I'm wondering if a system like this can be run with a proven alternative that might be easier to find. I have access to Advanced Nutrients, Biobizz, Canna, Dutch Formula, GHE, HESI and Plagron nutes. I'm sure there's a valid alternative to Botanicare somewhere in their range of products, but since I'm 100% that someone already figured it out, I don't feel like experimenting, with potentially disastrous consequences.

    So, has anyone tried this system with alternative nutes (successfully)?

    Thanks in advance!


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