Grow 2 lbs. on a 2’ x 4’ 32 Site DIY Aeroponic Unit

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    much respect to the aeroponic growers
    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    I just subscribed so I don't lose this thread... after my next grow I'm gonna give this set up a shot...

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    im building 4 of the 54 gallon ones so i can perpetuate it every 2 weeks for 8 week strains with as many as 32 to 100 net pots per tote i haven't decided yet. i want to do 100 per tote but im not sure as 32 looks full as is, but they vegged a lil bit in this one so i might be able to do 100 with 2 inch net pots with no veg time i hope. has anybody done 100 plants in one 54 gallon tote yet???? was going to do them aeroponic like this thread, but decided i should make them DWC as theres not much difference in flowering between aero and dwc. or is this a bad idea? maybe i should do both and compare. my cloner will be a 54 gallon with the same amount of net cups as the flowering totes but with a floating fogger and clone for 2 weeks then straight to the flowering totes. i will however be making my mother totes aero like this is doing since vegging IS faster in aero than dwc, and they will be 2 totes high, like stinkbuds (the sprayers and net pots in the top one and the res and pump in the bottom)to give BIG mother plants enough room for large roots that'll supply all the clones to fit one flowering tote per two weeks. the mother totes will only be the medium sized rough neck tote though and ill have 2 sets of them so i can put new mothers in every month while the bigger mothers are being used then discarded when the roots get too big after 2 months. one of each of my master mothers will be in soil so just in case my hydro messes up ill have back up. the 4 flowering totes will be under 2 1000w air cooled, the mothers will be under 400w, and the cloner under cfls.

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    Hey If anyone is still following, I just built a 30 gallon aero set up and was wondering if I should run the pump and misters 24/7 or should I put them on a timer? And if so what is the "best" timer settings? Thanks!

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    How many timer intervals can you actuate per 24hrs?? (And is your inductive current-load in compliance with your timer??) I have a few digital timers I got at Walmart over 10yrs ago for $30 that supported 14 on&off cycles/day or per week depending on how you wished to program it.. They're pretty cool, but only rated for 475W inductive load (1875W resistive load [a full breaker/15A fuse btw]).. I've been neaning to wire them into some bigass relays as a hobby project..Edit: I just realized that you're only timing sprayers, so ignore the current load part of this post.. It's still good food for thought gar some readers though..I don't have any personal experience with sprayers, but those who do would still like to know about your timer I'm sure..

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    How does one check nuts levels, pH, and adjust or clean the rez? It seems that it'd be difficult after a couple of weeks to get in there.

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    Need to make one of these ASAP! Great post man will be trying this setup in the future :-D

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    Very nice man, thanks for this. Will be trying this out for sure.

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    Very awesome and well written tutorial, cheers mate.

    For the large plastic container would this suit it well? - It has a lid that is bought separately. I converted litres into gallons and 68L in gallons is 17.9. Is this any good? how many pots do you think it would fit? Its hard finding a larger container that is located in New Zealand so I hope its alright.

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    awesome thread! cant wait to go thru it when i wake up! roll it fat....
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    awesome set up...keep up the good work

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    Instead of glue for the plexiglass install some 1/4-1/2" bolts and nutts just find a drill bit the app. width of the bolts and install it using that method it should be safer. I havn't done this yet but imo that would be safer and if you have a water leak from the bolts just use a hot glue gun. Oh and what lights do you use? H.I.D./H.P.S./C.F.L.? I would like to know as to insure I get around the same app. yield because I just ordered 100 white widdow xtrm seeds, supposedly the worlds strongest marijuana and they just came in friday. I'm picking them up tomorrow and I'd like to insure I can get the same and I'm planning on breeding/cloning them for my friends.

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    Probably hps

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    How much water do you keep in the reservoir? If this has been asked/answered already, sorry. 38 pages is a lot to read

    Voidling Well-Known Member

    No idea. I'm not sure how to do nute changes in it

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    there is instructions for a drain/fill port on page 30...or 31? Thats probably the best way to do nute changes.

    Voidling Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks. I hadn't read that far in.

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    Ok guys, got a quick question and if it has already been directly answered forgive me, I read the whole post but there is a lot to read. With this setup could you run one high volume pump in a reservoir pushing water and nutes for 2 tubs or would it be more practical to have one reservoir with two pumps, each going to its own tub. I've got a great idea drawn up, just wanted some opinions. Thanks for all of the amazing info.

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    Hi to all, i've read this in almost its entirety and my only question would be how long to veg from seed in a setup like this. I understand that from clone you are saying no more than two weeks but any input would be appreciated, thank you.

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    I built one of these before I found this thread. Used the same Rubbermaid tote but could not keep it from leaking. Finally gave up on it and am now using their 18 gallon totes which do not leak. Unit works great and is growing beautiful plants. Cinderella Aeroponic Grow 002.jpg

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