Grow 2 lbs. on a 2’ x 4’ 32 Site DIY Aeroponic Unit

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by DrGreenFinger, Jan 31, 2009.


    Voidling Well-Known Member

    What are you pulling from that tote?

    Edge7 Active Member

    Do you mean the cover leaking? To stop the leaking, simply flip the cover over and it will not leak.

    Gama New Member

    Hey everybody! I have been trolling these forums long enough so I figured I would finally ask questions.

    First, I love this guide, and everyones support has been super helpful. Now for some questions!

    - I have four 45 gallon totes like the one below
    - I have cut ten 3.5 inch cups for the plants
    - I have four 400 gph pumps to use one on each tote

    My question is do you think ten 3.5 inch holes will result in good yields if I scrog or sog the plants. I have two kind LEDs I will be using for the 4 totes. I am about to build my pvc manifolds. I will post and let everyone know how it goes and what kind of yields I end up getting. Super excited for these aeroponic units.

    FullSizeRender (2).jpg FullSizeRender.jpg

    Voidling Well-Known Member

    With that many plants, that close together, I don't think scrog would make much sense. Unless you screen them away from the tote to cover a larger foot print

    Personally I think I'd try to lollipop shortish plants since you're using led.
    Darth Vapour

    Darth Vapour Well-Known Member

    2 pounds Yeah right how can shit like this keep continuing hahaha is beyond me
    Darth Vapour

    Darth Vapour Well-Known Member

    Personally i would nix them net pots either go one 8 " net pot or two 6" and grow 1 plant or 2 plants and use that rez way it should be problem with aeropopnics is just that its designed for small plants and small plants he small yields this this in such a cramped medium guy was lucky to get 1 - 4 grams dry per plant thats mickey mouse let alone being so cramped in there mold would and probably would take control easily

    Voidling Well-Known Member

    Humidity and air flow control go a long ways for mold prevention.

    With leds you don't want big plants or you won't get enough light down. Unless you scrog of course. At which point I'm not sure that one plant covering same space does better than multiple small plants. Especially considering growth time
    Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Member

    I wish these pics were still working. I have 2x 30gal bins made with 25 sites per bin. Did you veg and flower in your bins, or did you transplant to a bigger net pot?
    Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Member

    I want to try 60 small plants. Let them grow a foot and throw them into flower. What you guys think?

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