Friend Fucked on a front; What to do?

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    Unless you are that idiot with nothing to lose but if you are going to make a example out of someone take it all the way. Whatever is necessary. Half measures don't cut it. me tho, learned my lesson and deal with a select group of people like myself.
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    norcalmopar Active Member

    Cut em off, then when they get desperate cash in hand ONLY...
    Michael Huntherz

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    SoOLED Well-Known Member

    its been said in the thread already, I cant speak to what echelon of friend this person is but, violence will solve nothing, ask Nino brown. bite your lip and repeat these words: lesson learned. those of us who, did have presence in the black market have followed a solid edict to survive: TBH, IMHO the application has changed very little. we all remember those rules, they still apply.

    if this person is doing anything but taking responsibility, and making it right: robbed, alien abduction whatever. then they are not bringing anything to the table worth you putting yourself on the limb for.

    what's the part in goodfella's where they said.....fuck you pay me. theres a little bit-o-that in there somewhere.

    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    Get that dime..
    Elwood Diggler

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    me either

    gangstas got two destinations. dead or a cage

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    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    Right, use knives. They are quiet, and people take you seriously when you're willing to actually get blood on your hands. Put a scar across someone's forehead , or take a chunk of ear or cheek, so everyone knows your serious. Fingers, toes...other hanging bits optional depending on the offence.

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    I know a guy who got away with murder once because a guy pulled a knife on him & he took it away & stabbed the guy with it. Be careful who you pull weapons on, the guy was a Navy Seal instructor in San Diego...
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    cindysid Well-Known Member

    My Grandpa got in a fight with a guy over a woman. The guy shot him 6 times with a 25 automatic. My Grandpa took it away from him and proceeded to beat him to death. Never served a day, but it did weigh on his conscience the rest of his life.

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, easier said than done I'd be going for the kill. Might want some back up. I always have a knife on me too and I have dogs and guns I would take my revenge if you succeed. You ain't John Gotti. Lol

    I might beat their ass but I wouldn't front enough to worry anyway.
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    take all the people that were involved in fucking the consignment up and string an extension cord through their mouths and out the ass twist the positve to the negative and light them all up like bullfrogs on the fourth of july....... but naww your friend fucked up and has a 3% chance of getting away with retaliation since he showed them the grow. Nobody forgets where they saw some weed plants. It's a lesson nearly everyone in this business learns study long study wrong. You know they aren't looking after your product right if they are getting jacked and whats to say (if they are telling the truth ... probably not though) that whoever jacked them doesn't know who your friend is too. Some people are actually gangster as fuck and live off of jackin. Some people know that when you grow even if legal you don't want to let people know because everyone aint nice like us.
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    schnooby Well-Known Member

    two words: no drama

    people that cause drama, confusion, chaos......are gone from my life.

    life is short and there are so many legit and good ppl out there i just dont have the time, desire or resources to deal with ppl like this......

    BuzzD2Kill Well-Known Member

    Dont front! Go broke with weed, dont go broke with someone owing you for weed, then your broke without weed. Sucks. Cut your loss's, Karmas a bitch.

    davethepothead Well-Known Member

    2 options.

    Option 1. It's a part of the game. I had to learn this early on from some of the hardest guys I know. Sometimes you just have to "charge it to the game and keep moving". Cut they guy off ad's end all ties. Simple as that because HE WILL DO IT AGAIN.

    Option 2. You get your payback. But if it's weak he will come back after you. You must be fucking brutal and h he will be an asset to your future business because now when people think about screwing you over his name will come up. And all talks of messing with you will stop and they will try to find easier prey.

    I once had 500 worth of product stolen by someone. I let it go because they were a nobody. I once was setup for 250 ounce by a friend( I had a female set up a fake Facebook profile and talk to him for over a month. He eventually told her where he lived and wanted her to come over adds smoke. So we set a date. That night me and some family ended up being the ones at his door, he was beaten with a broom, tied up and peed on while begging not to kill him ( we never ever would) . We smashed his tv, took his weed his bong and reveled to him that he has told us everything about him including his family and valuable things they have in certain places. He was terrified to say the least. Even slashed all 4 tires so the next day I could only imagine his face when he went to his car. I know he will never ever try to set me or anyone else up for that matter. As a man you have to know when to walk away, and when to put your foot on their throat.
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    justugh Well-Known Member

    black market shit going on here

    1 the person that fucked up depending on who they are (how much history u have with them ) needs to pay a tax
    A..the cost of the lost shipment plus half for tax for the bullshit
    B the cost of the shipment plus a ass kicking
    C they owe u a favor no ?s asked (this can include murder kidnapping helping with a body anything)
    D u royally fuck them up to the lvl of permit discomfort based on the lvl of the offense
    E u cut your lose and tell the person u are done cutting them out completely (i mean u say we are done and never again speak to the person)

    the only thing keeping u from getting ripped off is the ppl u are willing to deal with and what u are willing to do ...........word gets around u are soft bend over grab the ankles and smile u are getting rapped daily

    this goes in legal biz .........instead of ass kicking u use a lawyer to file breach of contract with them getting 3 times the amount in damages (wrecking the stores rep as u can openly talk about what they did to u and it is not slander as it is the truth )
    any time u grow something get it batched up in a bag and tested ........u take to the shop and they sign a contract stating..... what they are getting .....what it tested at..... what price u are expecting for it what time frame u agreed on ........if they are paying for it all up front this acts as a receipt......if they are paying for it later this is a contract and receipt.........but it is real simple once they take that batch bag and open it they own the product (to sell it again u would need to retest and batch it at your cost).....if they take it and does not get opened u can take it back canceling the contract when the time is up to collect the cash

    your rep is the major thing u need to keep tight otherwise just get use to being taken advantage of

    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    Thankfully I'm in death sentence..
    It's prime time country if you're a villain here..
    More drama...fuck drama.
    Gotta be literate here..and everywhere..
    Hard!! To trust someone else..i believe I'm a cool Buddhist/Atheist, non Mormon shit..
    Don't really drink..pot cash cow!
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    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    I agree. The edibles and concentrate laws suck,here

    panhead Well-Known Member

    If your smart you'll eat the loss & save yourself a lot of trouble , and I'm telling you from experience , my wife & i were robbed at gun point & i saw the bastard who robbed me months later walking out of an auto parts store , long story short is I took revenge & pistol whipped him with his own 25 cal , garbage can stomped him , threw his shoes in the street & split , I ended up doing 2 years in prison for it , its not worth it .

    Look at it this way , the cash you lost bought you not having to fuck with a thief & a liar who's probabally a snitch to boot .
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    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    I lied..delic' rum..!

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