Friend Fucked on a front; What to do?

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    phaquetoo Well-Known Member

    First of all, If your friend is able to front a couple lb's of weed, he isnt within the law on his allowed amount of usable, and must have more plants than allowed!

    What legal state is his garden in?

    In MI you can have 5 pt's and your self to grow for, You can legaly have 12 plants per pt and your self if you are a pt/cg.

    so in MI a c.g/pt with a full card can legaly have 72 plants, and what we call a MI lb 15 oz's of useable mm=2.5 oz's per pt and himself!

    The pt's can also have 2.5 in there possesion/home/wtv, no plants!

    Now to get back to your op, I was under the impression that he was fronting this so called friend non pt an oz for every one paid for!

    are you saying he is fronting an lb for every lb purchased?

    It would be nice to know what amounts you are talking about, untill near the end of page 2 here, most of us were thinking oz's not lb's,

    More details on amount would be nice and easier to advise on, but I would'nt resort to gun violence, having a gun during the commision of a fellony is going to at least get him 2 yrs for the gun, if not 5 for during the commision of a fellony!

    I hope all works out for your friend, I also hope he learned a valuble lesson!

    I dont front to no one, If real friends or family ask for something I give it to them, I dont front or sell to friends and family!

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    Business Mike

    Business Mike Member

    After reading all the comments I agree with a few... I'm more of a humble person so walking away and cutting contacts would have been my first thing.
    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    blow there car,truck up.then tell them thats there last gets by with it others try and I hate a dam theif.get even or dye trying.just joking had to say that becals it just happened to a fucking thief and it was not me not me.LOLTHEY SAY THE TRUCK WENT 50 FEET STRAIT UP AND LANDED ON THERE PORCH.THERE ARE SOME OLD KY, BOYS THAT ARE NOT TO BE FUCKED OVER SO THEY
    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    IAM A HUMBLE man my sealf.LOL LOL LOL
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    Bbcchance Well-Known Member

    For the record the only front I believe in is cash up front!
    Siino Gardens

    Siino Gardens Well-Known Member

    Just doesn't seem smart to begin with...
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    420monster Well-Known Member

    Learn his lesson maybe? 9.9/10 fronts never end well for either person simple fix as stated above money up front .

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    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    there is some people I would front aney thing to for there is some honest people left in the world and iam one of them.I take pride in knowing that iam honest and know some honest there is not a lot of honest people around these days.
    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    some people live by in GOD we trust and all others pay cash.that is the people that has trusted the wrong people befor.there is not ONE person in the county that I live in that would not frount me there farm or a heard of cattel and iam very proud of that.
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    Cobnobuler Well-Known Member

    Double J for KING of the fucking world

    That is all...................
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    CrocodileStunter Well-Known Member

    Gather round kids I have a story for ya,

    So I'd bought a cheap ass piece of shit mobile home and gutted the inside and made it a 12k grow. Not huge but pretty big. everything was going good for 3 years there. No problems nothing like that. my neighbors were an elderly couple I never talked to them but we'd give each other a wave when we passed. Well their tweaker son came and lived with them and brought his tweaker girl with him. Now if you've ever lived in the vicinity of tweakers you know they can't help themselves from fucking over every person they encounter. The guy had all the shitty ass green tattoos " white boy" in olde english across his back the dudes girl had black teeth and every few days they would have a fight in the driveway which on a few occasions led to cops parked in front of my building. So anyway I come to tend the spot and the guy is power braking (at least 3 times a week he'd peel out of his driveway in anger) his truck while his bitch is running at his truck with a log and shatters his window and the tweaker bitch gets knocked over by his mirror. This is where I fucked it all up. I yelled at her and told her to get the fuck inside and stop being a meth whore. well then they had a vendetta against me and proceeded to check my security. I had the rear door and all windows boarded off you know all the basic things that should be done to a grow. Well I'm harvesting my garden thinking about how this is finally the profit after all the money that was put into start up. It was a lot. like I replaced all the flooring and built double walls in a 40x18 space. and all the lights and soil and ll the bullshit that along with this. So anyway I'm harvesting have about half the crop hung up and drying and I leave for the night because I don't live with my grow. Well in the 7 hr period I was gone they got me. I come in the next morning at 7 am and first thing I notice is that a window has been gone through (on the side of the place that was probably 25 ft from their place) and my stomach churned because this wasn't my first rodeo with getting jacked but before it was always small time guerilla grows and what ever that's just a numbers game. So i open the door to the grow area and all the plants are gone.and for some reason they threw the soil all around the room. Fortunately enough I was able to scrounge a half ounce off the floor that was covered in dirt but i washed it and smoked it and it was the saddest shit when I was smoking it they took my veg plants but the only plant they left was the mama and all my equipment was there lmao. Nothing like some floor weed. Surprise surprise the tweakers have now disappeared and they had plates from the next state over so who knows where there den was. I was really mad obviously like I was totally prepared to follow that fucker and bust through his car door on the highway and drive off these feelings didn't go away for months. Fortunately I never saw them again. I'm over it but I'm pretty sure I'll break my hands on that fuckers face if I ever caught up with him

    How I dealt with the hand I dealt myself
    After a few hrs of tears and feeling sorry for myself I go to walmart got rubbermaid containers and a video system that I can watch on my phone, pack up everything and completely clean out all traces I ever existed there ( i rented the spot under a false name and never filled out out the title) . I'm talking complete break down fixing all the windows and demoing any walls that had holes for ventilation just left a shell and demo piled up and left it and put my stuff in storage except a light for the mother which was moved to plan b. Well I'm still here free and growing dope.

    The Kicker
    So I find out the tweakers had somehow negotiated with the park owner to rent my spot (without a title?). They got caught cooking dope and also charged with maintaining a nuisance property. I guess I came out way ahead by not going down to the level they would expect and they will probably be in prison for 10 years karmas a bitch. and the trailer has since been completely demolished because of the meth residue

    I personally feel when your product gets fucked it's always your fault. Can't blame other people for being vultures we already know they are vultures. I should of had a motion camera that went to my phone. hindsight's 20/20

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    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    I take it you've never been choked out before have you?

    Also update us OP. How did things work out?
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    russ668 Member

    His first mistake was taking them to where he lives. Now it's a whole different ballgame, they could get pissed cause he won't front anymore and breakin steal his stuff, call the cops tell them he deals, have someone else breakin, etc....
    You never ever deal where you live, unless it's someone that you absolutely trust.

    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Exactly, there are so many things wrong with this situation. Just about every golden rule was broken. I realize this is hindsight, but never EVER show off your 'home' grow irl to those not in your "closed" circle of fam/ or not. And never front. That's the quickest way to lose your money and your customer. The only exception would be the truly ill, in which case many providers will give product away or at the very least an affordable discount.
    And do NOT even think about brandishing a firearm. Most serious gun owners I know (which is basically my entire state) value the right to bear arms and neither cannabis legalization nor guns needs the negative press that could likely come from a situation like this. Unfortunately, this is going to have to be one of those hard lessons learned. Chalk it up to experience and move forward with some wisdom...not sitting behind bars or dead.

    420monster Well-Known Member

    Friends and family can sell you out for various reasons I hid it from my wife for a long time

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    Kasuti Well-Known Member

    U know yur enemies are gonna fuck u over every time they get a chance, the people u have worry about are the ones u call friends.
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Hence "closed circle." Projection and blanket statements don't apply to every single grower. My point was it really boils down to using your best judgment for safety vs having your ego stroked by being a show off. Pretty sure we're in a agreement and proclaiming the same thing...which is following basic age old "rules" of growing cannabis.
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    Kasuti Well-Known Member

    I agree with most of what u are saying, but let me add this from personal experience. If u let one person get away with ripping u off, somebody else will see that and May try it too, so u make an example of them and u will be less likely to be fucked with again.

    tydot Active Member

    Cut your losses and walk away, trust me. Anything more is asking for trouble. Shit tends to escalate quick and to many people are idiots with nothing to lose.
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