Friend Fucked on a front; What to do?

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by ForeverGreen42, Jan 5, 2016.


    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    My friend came to me the other day looking for advice on a situation and I am wondering if anyone here has any useful suggestions for him on what to do or not to do.

    Essentially he said he was helping some friends out; for every one they bought, he fronted them one. This last time they apparently "got robbed" for everything he fronted them, & he said he is 100% sure they are lying. He said they now are wanting him to front one for everyone again, (It is to my understanding they don't have any of the money to reimburse him with) and the dudes plan is to use the money he makes on that to pay him back. To me it seems like they will just fuck him over even more. He said they want to meet him at his friends house close to where they are currently vacationing to do the deal because his friend lives much closer to them. He said he was considering meeting up with them and acting like everything is fine and after counting the money, saying he's going to go check on the dogs in the car, take the money and leave, then not contact them anymore.

    One thing I was considering for my friends sake is they have been to his house once, but he said it was late at night, they followed him there and more than likely did not pay attention to his address. They've seen his grow and he says that it is legal, and said he even showed them his paper work when they were there, but I don't know if it is legal or not, he may just say that hoping it works to his benefit.

    What do you all suggest my friend do? He said it would be a huge loss to just walk away from.

    Oonte Member

    Sound like good plan. I would do the same.

    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the input! I was trying to think the scenario through for my friend; In my mind, #1: He would drive off without ever having any issues (Probably the most likely scenario, especially considering this guy is a pussy) #2: They see that he is driving off and follow him, which I'm sure he could just drive around til he loses them #3: They want revenge and either try to set him up or call the cops on his grow (I doubt he is worried about being set up, as he has several very large mean dogs) and with the cops he says his grow is legal which if is the case would not be a concern, although I am not sure on this one. Based on what my friend has said, I highly doubt that they remember his address or even how to get to his house for that matter.

    But since their transaction was not necessarily legal, I would highly doubt he would call the cops, correct? Also, I would assume it wouldn't even be worth the cops time to check a potentially illegal grow out in a legal state based on an anonymous tip or anything like that?

    Just trying to help him think everything through.


    texasjack Well-Known Member

    Learn my lesson and not make a bad situation worse

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    I've had it happen, it's part of the game. You can either just write it off as a loss and move on cautiously, or find another customer. I usually just accept the first loss & re-front a smaller amount, telling them the next loss is on them....
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    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    walk away n take the lick. think of it as a very valuable learning experience.

    natro.hydro Well-Known Member

    Charge it to the game and keep out of jail by not making any waves. He refronts these people he only has himself to blame. Fool me once kinda deal, ya know?

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    I never front more than I can afford to walk away from, unless I know them very well...

    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    I agree on the refront, he did not plan on doing that. If anything, maybe tell them he needs to be repaid first or at the very least repaid a portion of it, and everything from there on out will not be fronted, cash only? Or better off just to cut communication with them all together? If he says he needs to be repaid first, I don't know that he'll ever end up seeing a penny of what he is owed. If he says a portion needs to be paid back first, that may work out, but I honestly don't know. Supposedly they have a decent amount of money now, but it is to my understanding that none of it is what is suppose to be owed to my friend, it is from "investors"

    Thank you all very much for your advice!

    heckler73 Well-Known Member

    Rules #6 & 10

    He never should've fronted without collateral.

    If his "boys" can't handle their business, they shouldn't BE in business.

    phaquetoo Well-Known Member

    Write it off! legal mmj is a cash biz, if you dont have the cash you dont get the goods!

    I will front to pt's if they are connected to me, but if they dont pay me that amount before the next delivery they dont get any more!

    I also have a pt that I dont charge, I give her an oz a month, she dont need any more and never complains!

    I dont do any ilegal transactions of my mmj, If a friend that is not legal asks for some, I usualy just give them a little bit, I would not do it if they asked me for it every day, or if they wanted more, I would think they are selling it and profitting off of my hard work.

    I am a mj user for over 40 yrs! I already did the black market and ilegal stuff, luckily I didnt get caught and now that I am a legal c.g and a pt in MI, I am not willing to go to jail for something I have waited all of my life to be able to do legaly! I have no problem following the law, accept for the medibles and oils and cannabutter at this time in MI, the S.C has ruled that extractions are not legal at this time in Michigan! I prefer to ingest for medicinal purposes, and I am realy trying to get my pt's to do the same, so I always give them samples of bho and cannabutter when they get their monthly alotment from me!


    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    also he should re-evaluate what the term "friend" means

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    How much $$$ is a big loss to him.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Marijuana Mercenary

    Marijuana Mercenary Well-Known Member

    Only front what you can afford to lose. Its the same as loaning money.

    Hotrod has the right Idea. I picked up a 22 semi auto 25 round clip and a good size dog.
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    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    Good points to note for the future, i'll pass that info on. I like the idea of collateral, never heard of that used in this business before. Thanks!

    Lol as much as i'm sure he would like this to be an option, I feel this is not a smart move in this situation... Just asking for trouble. He's got two 150 pound dogs and another 70 pound dog, so as far as personal safety is concerned he is doing well.. Guess he could sick the dogs on them, they're mean as fuck lol. I appreciate the advice on fronting, it will be passed on. I think that is what he did as far as fronting, like he can still survive on what he's got although this loss would really hurt his future plans.

    sixmilecreek Member

    Tell him to find a new customer and tell them to go f**k off
    Marijuana Mercenary

    Marijuana Mercenary Well-Known Member

    Businesses have ups and downs. He should cut his losses if he wants to head back on the up.

    I could maybe see selling them one but another front is bad business. The I got robbed story is shit kids pulled in highschool.

    He doesn't have to harm anyone, just tell them they need to repay the last front before they get another. They should have to work their way back up, not your friend.

    If some one is working with you on a front basis they will always be one up on you. Its like giving them a free bag just for doing business with you. That first bag never gets paid for.

    When your weed runs out and they can't get more from you, they take the money they owe for the front and give it to other dealers to start business with them.

    Then when that guy runs out they rip his front money off and come back to you with a bullshit story like I got robbed.

    People don't care if your out of money as long as they get high, no matter what drug you sell.

    Its best to hold out for better customers who have cash. Slow money is better than no money.

    Friedtoast Member

    Walk away. If you are 100% positive they are lying, then they've shown their true colors. And you don't want to do business with people like that

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Or you have to have an AR and be the kind to let people know that you will use it.Of course I grew up in El Paso, Texas and Juarez and that's just the way it is.

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