Friend Fucked on a front; What to do?

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by ForeverGreen42, Jan 5, 2016.

    Blue brother

    Blue brother Well-Known Member

    After all these posts you’re not gonna be able to do anything. Rule number one is don’t talk about it. You’ve gotta either let it go and just put it down to experience and never deal with him again. He’s gonna loose more than he took by loosing “your friend” as a contact.

    Or you have the other option and I think If that was gonna happen You wouldn’t of been talking about it all over the internet

    charface Well-Known Member

    The thread is two years old.
    Now you can fuck him up and not be the main suspect.
    Don't post pics
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Find out where he lives. Get a 1 gal jug with screw on lid. Fill it 3 quarters full with gasoline. Get one of those green water proof fuses from a Roman candle or other fireworks rockets etc. Drill a small hole in the screw on lid. Insert fuse and screw lid on tightly. Place at front door. Light fuse and run very fast.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    So you figure a response with the risk of at least a charge of arson and possibly murder is reasonable?
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's for amateurs. Lets be more professional here. Dude needs c-4, detonation cord and a bit of fulminated mercury. Rig it to the undercarriage of his Crown Victoria. BOOMAGE BRO ! My oh my nothing left of the car or our thief of a friend.

    CCT38 New Member

    It's hard to believe that after two years of original post that people are still commenting .. hopefully what was done was he learned a lesson never fronted again because these kinds of businesses no fronts aloud no matter what who or how long absolutely never no matter what.. then this type shit dosnt happen .. so take those words and use them because if your playing the game you want to win right you don't give the win away right Well then .. so hopefully this was a lesson learned and walked away from...
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