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Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Aug 3, 2013.


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    $224 obscure number? Ever hear of taxes?

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    Yeah I've heard of taxes I own a small business so I pay my fair share of them. And didn't marijuana just become taxable in Colorado? Also it I owned a dispensary I would round up or down. $224 is an obscure number IMO. If you are trying to defend Willy I suggest you go read back on his shit. If anyone else had made these statements I wouldn't have questioned it but Willy makes a lot of claims that are bullshit and he never backs anything up he says.
    William Wonder

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    So, you want to get a growers license in Washington State, let's do the math.

    The government wants 25% of the retail value of everything you grow. Let's say an Oz goes for $250 retail in the shops. This is where CO prices are at. The government wants 25% of the retail value of your oz which is 62.50. It also wants 25% of the retail value from the processor and 25% of the retail value from the retailer. The government wants 75% of the $250 oz. That leaves $62.50 per oz that must be shared by the grower, processor and retailer. So the grower ends up with about $21 per oz as does the processor and retailer, assuming the margins are cut equally. Now factor in rent or mortgage, property taxes, lights and equipment, utilities, security, grow media and annual license fees and employees and it's going to be real hard to make a profit and if you do, you must pay income tax on that. The mafia isn't even as greedy as the government. The mafia will allow you to make a profit so they can profit on you. Is this what you want? It makes more sense to grow your own 15 plants, make hash out of it and mail it to your cousins in Iowa or Minnesota. The big winners in all this, if there are any, are going to be the processors because of the low overhead, no lights or electricity, no retail space.
    William Wonder

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    Let's try to make this simple. It can get complicated but I'm trying to make the concepts very easy to understand. The idea is to cross two inbred strains that breed true. To create an inbred true breeding line of seed is simple. You grow out a population of seeds, lets say 10 seeds as is commonly sold. You choose the female you like the best and clone it. You'll have to clone all the females of the ten seeds, so you can breed back to one of them later on. You simple choose a male from those ten seeds to pollinate the female clone. Then with THOSE resulting seeds you choose a male and breed it back to the clone you've chosen. Then you grow THOSE seeds out and choose a male and breed it back to the clone you've chosen. Now of course you'll have to keep clones of your chosen female to do this. This creates a cube of he clone and the traits will be more like the chosen clone. Another way to make an inbred line of seed is to grow out a population of seeds and cross any male with any female within that population you've grown. Then grow those seeds out and do it again, then again and then once more for good measure. As you do this the population of seeds will become uniform and inbred. The idea is to cross these inbred seeds with ANOTHER set of inbred seeds for a F-1 or first generation hybrid seed. Two inbred lines crossed together can often create hybrid vigor in the first F-1 generation and the dominate traits of both inbred lines will express themselves.
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    [youtube]99UaeHp4vDc[/youtube] I'd like to dedicate this 50's medley from Uriah Heep to Subcool. This medley rocked when we were kids!

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    Hope to follow in Farmerjohns footsteps, been doing a lot of studying in hopes to become a great breeder/grower/teacher one day! Glad he's here on RUI Thanks SUB for giving me some extra knowledge throughout the years of reading thru ur forums!:clap:

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    what he said^^^^^^^

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    I'm a fan of FJ420 as well. In fact I was wondering if there is a place to find detail tips on making that famous BHO, mine is still sticky and would love to hone my skills. I've watched his three part video and still have questions.

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    im new to tga and the channel...lov cheese strains..cq dq
    norcal mmj

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    What happend to FJ420 ? Youtube, facebook, instagram all gone. Hope hes ok....

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    i've been wondering the same thing....his .bigcartel site went down a few months ago too and never came back up

    Shawns Active Member

    Thats messed I know his bigcartel account was good a couple weeks ago because he was selling 9LB hammer seeds he was the first to ship them

    May11th Well-Known Member

    Maybe the cops that came to his house made a surprise return visit. Hope he is okay. Seems like a cool cat.

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    Hope FJ420 is doing ok. He has had quite a ride the last couple of years for anyone following his adventures.

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    has he ever even posted in this thread? just let it die he isn't on riu

    Shawns Active Member

    He isn't anywhere anymore, I think he did post hear once lol
    smoke and coke

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    i agree and yes he has several posts here and none of them contribute to RIU.

    i am sure he stopped coming here when subbbb got a bugggg up his azzzzz and took his ball and went home.

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    Where did farmer john go not on youtube or anything

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    I don't blame him I had some correspondence with sub after shit hit the fan and the way he put it was "I'm dying, I don't have time for all the stress Riu brings". Fj probably has his own life to worry about and is living it to the fullest we should do the same.

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