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  • Mid.!!!
    Hello my friend... Everything is going okay brotha..

    Did some more scrog-ing tonight, jesus lord, they are truly monsters....hehe

    Don't know if you remember my latest update, but I had some tall colas growing above, and all around my hood,, obviously not getting sufficient lumen absorption..

    Reluctantly, I grabbed them big ass branches, lifted the net real high and weaved them under the hood..
    Talk about nerve-racking.. Shit..

    Thankfully my stems were strong enough to make the move..yet supple enough to weave..

    Also, managed to get a little more clearance by raising the hood, a little ingenuity and I got about 6 in more clearance..

    Thanks for the message buddy, I hope to see you soon..
    I need to text Dispo, see if he already ran that batch, as I got all day Sunday to blast if needed..
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