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    so is your cell phone. if the govt wants you, they don't need facebook to spy on you. the spying is mostly marketing. Selling that info to other companies. to advertise what you search.
    Big Trees

    Big Trees Well-Known Member

    That's what's really scary, since most phones have: two cameras, a mic and gps.
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    Hey could someone giveme the link to fj420's new channel all i find is the two year old stuff and i love his channel an subcool is my hero! I actully wrote a paper in high school about subcool when we where asked who are biggest hero and the one person we would love to meet was. I wish i still had it and i wish i didnt live in WI because i would love to make that dream of meeting him a reallity

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    Getting thousands of IG followers is no easy task, and would bet he wouldn't have taken that page down for anything other than potential jail time.
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