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Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by woodsmantoker, Dec 11, 2009.


    907guy Well-Known Member

    Lol I hear, I’ve had lower back pain for the last 10 years or so. Went out riding in Dec right after last Xmas then injured my back 2 days after that, bad.

    No insurance so I went to the chyro for a week before he said nope MRI time. Come to find out my L4 and L5 discs are bulging, one is damn near dried up. I have one up high that is also bulging but not near as bad. Had the epidural steroid shot about 3 weeks ago now and it’s helping. Sounds like it’s deal with the pain until I decide to get surgery.

    Smoking deal on an MRI and epidural cash though at AK Spine lol. I’m young so (too young to have messed up discs anyway), looks like i’ve got some years of more back pain to look forward too, GYO! Bummer is I fly atleast 1-2 tmes a month for my job too, on a light month.

    Took the fam tubing today, back is fealing that one already lol
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    I have never run a SCrog, although I totally respect what y'all do with 1 to x number of plants. I mostly do vertical growing, but like now I am in a horizontal do to timing. I am committed to this but just want to know for future reference.
    That being said I have a few questions.
    Is it easier to do a SCrog than to just do LST, which is what I do on my horizontal grows?
    Is anyone doing a SCrog on Lazy Susan? I am 70 yrs old and I have extreme back troubles and would love to be able to sit on my chair and have the plant come to me!
    With my Vertical grows, on screens I can remove my plants one at a time. There is a lot of back stress doing so, but I manage.
    I am just looking for less back pain.

    charface Well-Known Member

    I do a fairly large scrog and its a pain in the ass crawling under it to water and prune.

    Not sure how big yours is but it can be a pain.

    When I did not scrog i did lst etc...
    I spent a lot of time staking but it was easier to get around.

    If you were doing a small scrog i dont see it being too bad as you wouldnt have to crawl under it.

    Scrog is also a pain to harvest.
    I end up just cutting the net.
    The restringing each time.

    This is just how i feel.
    Others may have different struggles
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Agreed i only scrog so i dont have to deal with broken branches.
    And it does make things even out a little

    Here are my girls yesterday before i flipped
    Right after i threw the net on .

    Youll notice since the right side are from seeds

    They are too difficult to net so im going to freeball it lol 20180218_181837.jpg
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    907guy Well-Known Member

    I agree, it’s alot of work, my back hates me after bending over the screen to weave branches.

    Scrogs provide higher yield in a tighter space and amlost everything can be considered “top bud” if you do it right. Other than that, it’s alot of work.

    You could do small 2’x2’ or even smaller SCROG’s that would be mobile and make it easier to move around them and sit in a chair while you work.

    I recently saw this guy on Instagram and he has a pretty neat little setup for running smaller SCROGs.

    Now if you did this but put each plant on a smaller rolling tray you could move them around without lifting and get all the way around them.

    B71CE0FB-BDB3-4F3E-8C5A-7631979ECD8D.png BEEAFDF3-9BA2-45F4-A42C-D567B8F61B64.png
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Agreed that is another good thing about scrogs is it even out the atypical nature of the plant evenly distributing growth of the plant IE. all mature buds with no larf .

    I woulda scrogged my right side but said fuck it as they are just bag seeds i popped as fillers while my real seeds are growing :)

    The one in the back is a huge skank though
    Ive had to trim bags and bags off of her
    Im ready for them to get the hell outa there ha ha
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Well Damn,
    Guess that answers that, SCroging is for younger folks. :)
    Ok so I will stick with my Vertical Screens.
    Here is three of the four G13 Haze grow.
    20170813_155248 (2).jpg 20170813_115537 (2).jpg 20170812_165253 (2).jpg
    I pulled 1+ gpw in this grow so I think even with the lifting and reaching I will stick with this method.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    That is still a "screen of green "
    All the way dude.

    In fact i plan on my next run going both vertical and horizontal :)

    So i can use the wasted light on the walls.

    Nice work
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    The only thing i would say a horizontal screen does is even out the growth hormones in the plant so typically you wont get one huge bud and smaller ones they come out all about the same.

    Plus i made my net 3x6 this time as i can reach 3 feet back. Better than 4 :)

    Next net will have 90 elbows so i can net up the walls as well
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Please dont.mind the plants as i had some sprayers go down on me and it made em ugly.

    But this is the same net that last time i filled it .

    But this was 12 different strains in the same net :) definitely not my finest work ha ha 20151107_134050.jpg
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    charface Well-Known Member

    Lol, im strictly 1 strain at a time from now on.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bud,
    I am working on a lazy susan, I think a 36" in 4X4 would rock. You could build the screen 36" but the LS would only have to be, that number of plants that you want to fit into a 7 sq ft circle. My guess would be a max count of 4.
    So total height of the SCrog would be, from floor to top of canopy, 36 inches(., ?) If that then in a 4x4x 6.5 you could do that LS at 2 feet and have plenty of height and still be able to work under the screen fairly easily.
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    907guy Well-Known Member

    Holy jungle batman lol, that looks like it was hell to up keep lmao! Better full than empty though!
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Ha ha yea its fun man

    Now i run clones in Half for production(net) and the otherside is my strain and experiment side :)
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Ha ha jungle was right ! Thats my most whacked out run i think i have ever done lol like 20 strains total. 12 just in that picture lol

    To embarrassed to show the whole room ha ha
    Lets just say lots of defoliation went on with that run.
    Woulda been much nicer if my sprayers didnt go down on me ..thats why i dont run them any more except my cloner .
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    907guy Well-Known Member

    I got lazy after a water change and didn’t run my pump after, it was air locked. I went out of town the next day, came back 4 days later to some real dry crispy plants, they pulled through but looked ugly as hell. I run the pumps after every water change now.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Yea i tend to try to make my setups as failsafe as possible now :)
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    randydj Well-Known Member

    Hi gr865:
    I have a bad back also. I had to go to hydro growing because I could not move pots of soil around. Pumps do most of the lifting for me now. I have and do scrog. bending over to reach the plants in the rear of the space is nearly impossible and trimming is not done as well for the back plants as the plants in the front. I have a 3 ft. grabber that I can tuck with and have not damaged very many colas with this process. I just bought a 3 ft grass trimmer to see if I can use it to trim the back plants better. The blades are a lot bigger than I was hoping but I will give it a go when the time comes.

    Current grow just getting under way:

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    907guy Well-Known Member

    Just flipped the switch on Wednesday, this one usually runs just under 8 weeks, my favorite to grow. It’s not the most vigerous, but she is hearty, she’ll take a wide range of tempuratures, she doesnt mind to dry out and her clones root every time and quickly.

    But best of all, she’s got an amazing terpine profile and a staggering knock down punch. I plan on getting this one tested after she finishes.

    CCBB5188-E8A9-47C2-8DF6-4B58B7F4FB1C.jpeg F5398FEA-FE38-435D-98CE-48C6B8F6AA3C.jpeg
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Girl's looking prime :)

    Might even need a haircut:shock:
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