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    I have noticed that some people don't like Happiness. I am probably the Happiest person most people have ever met, and sometimes it makes people mad. I am also very Confident, to the point that if I know something is true, I don't care how much you think you know about something, I will keep my position until you actually prove me wrong. Which leads to things like me Breeding THCv Plants, and doing Super Stressed Epigenetic Training for Plants.

    And I literally laugh at anything, I was in jail for my Religion when I was 14, and I laughed so much that one of the guards said I was their favorite stoner. Most people automatically like me, even if they thought they wouldn't, because I am not a normal 2017 long haired person; I'm not a Hipster, I haven't played video games since I was 21, etc, I was one of the most well known people in my school and random girls would run up to me every time I was out of jail for my Religion and yell my name and come hug me, and I would hug them and then ask someone who they were.

    But I am literally probably the absolute happiest and most confident person you will ever meet, and there are some people, I have met maybe 10 people in my life, who just hate it. They can't stand it, and they want me to be sad, and they try to bring me down. But I have literally never been actively sad, like you would think of a Depressed person, probably at the most at one time in my life, 30 minutes. And my brother died when he was 11.

    But my question is, those people I have met that can't stand happiness and want to turn it into sadness. I'm not saying people who go and post pictures of Demons and Zombies and People with Black Hair Covering their face, I am talking about the person that sees a happy person, and just can't let them be happy. And actively get angrier and angrier as they can't make the person stop being happy, usually to the point where you stop talking to them because you couldn't make them sad and you can't deal with their happiness.

    Why do you do this if you are one of these people?

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    And btw, just for context to show how sick this person is. That picture of M&Ms was posted because my little brother died when someone gave him M&Ms with Peanut Butter even though he was allergic. And he could have been saved by Cannabinoids when his brain started swelling, but Doctors were too scared to use Cannabinoids.

    So he literally just posted that, trying to get me to think of the M&Ms that killed my brother and be sad. But I eat M&Ms. I am not scared of M&Ms. But his intent just shows how sick he is.
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    And just btw, if anyone is wondering.

    Buck is doing this because he is mad that I am going to Win the Cannabis Cup in 2019. He sees that my plants are doing well, and that I have amazing Genetics, and that no one else could say anything bad.

    This thread had almost 100 views in less that 24hrs, and I was just posting Science. But the other people in this section are steady at around 50 views after days and days.

    This thread was started Yesterday (in the US) and already has 233 views.

    If anyone is wondering why Buck does this, it's called Jealousy.

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    And if anyone needs evidence that this Pedophile is trolling me, and should be in jail, like if any Police are reading. Here is the Evidence.

    I made this Facebook group in order to tell people that My Facebook account was my Facebook account, and that his was fake. And people started telling me that he had contacted them and asked for nudes.

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    And if anyone is wondering, I have never met this guy. This is like if you were on this website, and saw me here when I was 18 years old, and decided to start trolling me. Stalked me around the website posting in all my threads.

    Then going on Facebook and making a Fake account pretending to be me, and going through my Friends list and asking all of my friends to be your friends. Getting my family photos. Printing them out, Jacking off on pictures of my Female Family members, posting it to this website. Then took a Youtube video of me when I was 15 where we were in our house having a small party and my mom was there, and he tried to say my mom touched my dick. He just has some kind of mental problem and then acted like I was the bad guy at 18 years old while he did that.

    If you are reading this, and that sounds like the kind of person you want to agree with, go for it. But you are on the wrong side. Would anyone here do that to someone? And if you would, you have a problem.
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    Finshaggy Well-Known Member

    Also, for Nutrients I am using 3 things.

    I am using the standard Fox Farm Nutrient set of 3, with the 2 Veg Nutes and the Tiger Bloom. I have used pretty much all of the Veg Nutes, and I will be using Flower Nutes now. I have also been using Silicate, the brand Pro-Silicate, which is an extra nute that most people don't add. Some people say you don't need it as long as you don't use the same soil over and over, but I am using Coco and I think people are missing the fact that Coco isn't soil and doesn't have those Nutrients, so anyone growing with Coco should probably be adding Silicate.

    But now I am not using the Veg Nutes, but I am still using the Silicate. Then I am using the Fox Farm Flower Nutes from the 3 pack, and I am using Bud Candy from Advanced Nutrients

    For Veg I used

    5 tbs of the Bat Guano/Worm Castings per Gallon
    4 tbs of the Grow Big per Gallon
    and 1 or 1/2 tbs of the Silicate per Gallon

    For flower I will use
    3 tbs of Tiger Bloom, and I will up it to 4 or 5 in a few weeks.
    1 tbs of the Silicate, and I may up that to 2 in a few weeks
    1 tbs of Bud Candy, and I will definitely up that by 5-10x during flower. I may also just go buy some Molasses and Sucant and start using that.

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    I decided I am going to go ahead and add some Brown Sugar in my water this time. Just the 1 tbs of the Bud Candy, but then I will add the Brown Sugar also.

    What Brown Sugar does is really based on its Molasses content, and the best way to describe it is a Marathon runner. Forget that Brown Sugar contains Sugar for a minute, because the main point is Molasses. When someone is a Sprinter, they like to get quick energy. Sugar from Fruit, etc. Quick energy that is meant to be consumed and burned. But a Marathon Runner wants to eat more Carbs, because if you just eat quick energy food then it is more likely that you collapse before the end of the race. Molasses Contains Carbohydrates.

    Here is a video

    We all know about Photosynthesis, and everyone knows that it happens through Chlorophyll. But no one really takes the time to figure out what that means. Chlorophyll contains Chloride, which is 2 Chlorine Atoms combined. When light touches Chloride the two Atoms separate, which allows various reactions to occur, as Chlorine is very reactive. This is why you may have heard that LSD breaks down when exposed to light, this actually only happens if their is Chlorine in the water. Now, what plants are doing when they go through the Process of Photosynthesis is using the fact that Chlorine is more reactive in light, and using it to create sugars, that it can use for Energy.

    Really the absolute most important thing in a Marijuana grow is making sure that you have enough Wattage to fill the area without any areas that seem dark, and then from there it is just about upping the Wattage and making sure that everything else (from Buckets, to Veg Time, to Nutes, to Soil, etc) are all good enough for the Lights to give the plants the Energy they need to grow, and then eventually produce Flowers.

    So by adding a Nutrient like Bud Candy, or Moleasses and Sucant, what you are doing is adding those Carbohydrates, allowing your plant to have the right kind of Energy it needs to "Finish the Marathon" and produce the fattest Buds.

    So I will add Brown Sugar with the Bud Candy today just because I have some, but I will add Moleasses and Sucant and more Bud Candy later on.

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    you may be onto something here with this monkey business! though monkey C does bear that 'Manson' stare? more work needed on this theory!
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    I just picked up a bunch of kittens. I am planning on starving them to find out which is the strongest. Once the strongest has been determined, I plan on using it to breed a strain of super cats that will require 50% less cat food than all of the others.

    I'll start a journal soon

    Epigenetic, bitches!
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    Also, people may have noticed that there are Ladybugs in my grow tent. This is because they eat things like Aphids and Thrips, so I just want to keep those kinds of Bugs out of the Tent.

    You can also use Beneficial Nematodes to get rid of most things, and they are Microscopic, so you won't even notice them.
    If anyone is looking for a place to get Ladybugs or Beneficial Nematoes, you can just get them both on Ebay. But if you have another infestation like Mites or Mealybugs, then go to

    And I was talking to a person who wants to know more about growing, and when he saw the ladybugs, he said he might want to get some; then he asked if putting Worms in the Soil would help the Soil. And Worms do help the Soil, but if you are going to get Worms, you might as well just start composting, and eating more Fruits and Vegetables instead of stuff with bags. And you can also Compost Meat and Wood with Black Solider Fly Larvae. You can get those and Worms on Ebay also.

    But after talking about that with him, I went and looked up Black Soldier Flies because I knew about them but I never actually like looked deeper into them. And right on the Wikipedia page it says that they produce a "Valuable Product called "Frass". So I went to the Frass Page on Wikipedia, and it says that Frass is full of Nutrients and Stimulates Blooming. And it just comes out of Black Solider Fly Larvae like Slug Goo.

    And Frass is what actually makes the Soil of the Composted Meat not smell like Rotten Meat. So it's all over the Soil when you use these bugs to Compost.

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone growing with Frass? This could be huge.

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    wow this is an awesome thread, subscribed
    Bob Zmuda

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    Take solace, none of your haters have ever posted on anything related to cannabis at all, ever, that's the real laugher....that should be telling in itself....or suspicious or cop like....

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