Craziest shit you got away with!

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    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Got pulled over with a gun an onion of white with $10,000 worth of hot tools all brand new in the box. Cops took my car let me get all the tools out call for a ride. My friend shows up in a stolen truck off the lot hot as hell. We loaded the tools and drove off cops still sitting there. Never tried to get the car back due to the snow and gun hidden in the council but I walked away only lost a two year old car and the snow and gun but not my freedom. Oh those days I was out there. I'm old now laugh about my younger years glad they are in tyne past I tell my kids everything don't want them to do what i did spent my share of years eating Ramen sleeping on a steel bed.

    1stblood...... Well-Known Member

    got pulled over with a half key of weed, cop said some shit about there was burglarys in the area etc, weed was in the back of the car he even looked in the back thank fuck it was shit gear and didnt stink, but just let me n the missus go no probs..... weird but lucky.

    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    This story isn't weed, drug or alcohol related but I'll tell it

    On my way home from work many years ago, I was keeping up with the other cars on the road when a cop came flying past us, did a u-turn and was speeding up to come after me (my ass was the caboose :( ) I flipped the fuck out, and started driving Hazzard county style...hit the gas, turned sharp right at the stop and flew into the first driveway I could find.

    It was plenty long enough to get out of eyesight with a shit ton of trees running down either side..lucky break!!! I pulled up about 200 feet, stopped and watched as he flew right past me.

    My tag had expired by a week :lol:
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    i dont do "crazy shit"

    just live a plain average joe life..
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Got pulled up for walking to work with an axe hanging out my bag at 5.30am. I was told I'm not allowed to wander around with a weapon. Even though I explained to them I was only going to sharpen it for firewood.

    Another time I was pulled up. Also walking to work. Because I looked like the described perpetrator to some recent break and enter that morning. Had a couple joints in my bag for later. Thankfully I wasn't searched.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I can't tell you.... yet.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member


    Tell us another one, o boring gangsta!

    BecauseIgotHigh Well-Known Member

    my mate dodge a cop's punch before, the punch then hit the officers' partner in the mouth. Then my mate got tackled down LOL
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    that was in 1860, i think the statute of limitations has run out
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    walked into the bank, no one was waiting, saw a bank envelop on the floor right in front of the tellers. "dropped" my wallet and picked the envelop up with it, when i got out to my car saw it had 900 bucks in it. i actually started to feel bad, and was going to take it back in, when a guy i used to work for drove up and hurried into the bank. he was the biggest fuckface asshole i'd ever had to deal with(up to that time). when it became apparent the money was his, i said fuck it and kept it.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    We were on the way from Richmond, BC to Cultus Lake out in the valley to party at the campground with tons of other stoners one long May weekend around 1973-74. We scored an oz of nice honey oil to sell while there and finance all the beer required. The dealer didn't have nothing to put it in and his old lady offered up an empty panty hose container. Looked like a large egg that a brand called Leggs used to sell them in. Good enough so we paid the man and took off.

    A few miles from the lake we got stopped by the cops and the four of us had to get out while they searched my VW bug. Cop pulls this egg out of the glove box, opens it up and asks me what this was. Figuring I was busted I replied, "Oil". He puts the lid on and shoves it back in the glove box. Off we fuck with a warning to drive a little slower and big smiles on our faces.

    We had also dropped acid on the way there so after we got to the campground I started getting a little paranoid about that egg and my buddy and I hid it in the woods a little ways from the car. About 20 min later 3 cop cars show up, you had to register there so they knew where to find us, and dive right into my car. The same cop grabs me and yells, "Where's that damn egg!" I tell him I poured the oil in the engine and tossed the empty egg in the fire to get rid of it.

    Guess he mentioned it to his buddies and one must have told him how stupid he was to think some hippy is keeping motor oil in a plastic egg in the glovebox and raced back to try and bust me.

    Took us most of the night to find that damn egg after they left but the whole campground was laughing about that all weekend. :)


    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    No statute of limitations for murder I believe. Few other crimes too.

    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    think it was a duel, which wasn't murder at the time...
    John Kitchen

    John Kitchen Well-Known Member

    Once I tried to be a "weed guy."

    Took 19 grams in prerolled doobs to Laneway music festival in an attempt to make some extra bucks.


    got stopped by undercover before I even got through the door. I must just look like a criminal.

    The cop however was super friendly, and after I explained my views on the illegal absurdity of marijuana, a view point which she agreed with, She let me off the hook with what's called a drugs deferral, (Do they have that in the US?) Basically, no fine, no charge, I just had to go to a 45 minute drugs counseling session where some 20 year old girl who has never smoked pot gave me the basic rhetoric on my weed is very harmful.


    Alexroller Active Member

    My friend called me once and asked me if i had any... I said i could go by his house to chill after work...I work as a delivery guy... it was nice delivering pizza at the police station while having weed in my pockets :P
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    1)brought in an ounce of rolled joints with filters and all to a music fest in atlanta this past summer. I passed out joints for free to people who asked me if they could buy weed.(i was smoking joints by myself in a crowd)

    2)got arrested with weed in my pocket, went to jail with weed in my pocket. years ago.

    3)got robbed by a this african american kid who was the buyer. he was looking at the weed like "oh yea this is some nice stuff" we were in the hall of the dorms and homie turned around and booked it. Well i can chase a mother fucker like its nobodies business... but really he tripped over nothing like a bitch.... lol.... i stood over him and let him get up and have my weed since it was just a quarter ounce. just wanted to prove a point without hurting him
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    Mntyedi Active Member

    Know it's an old thread but this story always made me laugh a bit.
    15+yrs ago was on spring break a couple highschool friends n myself were heading out to camp, A buddy of mine drove passed a chp doing ~110mph while holding the car horn down. Think he was looking go get us pulled over??

    chp stopped and searched us we had some herbs, mushrooms an about an oz of dmt. Chp thought the dmt was meth and called for backup. imagine 4 chps staring you down questioning us, my buddy n I told em test it, it isn't meth then went into some chemistry talk about what an aqueous extraction is and how it differs to synthesis, how precursors are extracted in prep for meth synthesis. think we were around 16-17 yrs old after they tested it, and it not being meth like we stated the 4 chps officers looked at us like wtf, kept everything but told us to get in the car, go home and to go to college. We're getting ready to leave an the chp spots a bowl packed in the concil dude flipped we didn't tell him about it the threats flew but in the end we got to go home with nothing more than a seat belt ticket.
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    do_j00_doja New Member

    I was in a park. well it was a trail that had a peer and a river.

    I don't understand why things fell into place but heres story:

    stuffed weed inside a smell proof plastic jar the day it came in the mail. We roll up on a cruise and i never have my weed smell proof i wreak bc of this. well we were bored so decide to stop at a brought a blunt to know area ppl smoke .

    walk it back and torch a 1.6 mega swisher. Swept in smoke i remember it vividly.

    while walking back to the car (parked in broad daylight) a guy walking a dog approaches. asks if his dog can take a swim.

    dog charges at me, i drop my hand to my pocket. my cigarette acts as a torch and scorches the dogs nose/breathing. i was sorry but at the moment i was in complete adrenaline

    at a close look the guy was wearing a drug enforcement hat. plain as day.
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    draxhemp Active Member

    My dad was a manager at a construction business, I worked stock room. Had the keys to the work yard. A buddy of mine talked me in to getting some X and we took 2 pills this my first time. we took off toward my dads business on the way while I was rolling my balls off my buddy decides to hang out my car window and scream I was right next to a state trooper. luckily the spot I was heading to was maybe 100 yards down road so I dipped in unlocked the gate to shipping area, parked car, locked gate didn't leave till next morning. chilled in car had a few lights loud music...7 hours all on CC video lol. I would pay to see when we where rolling hard and we both jumped out my car and ran around jumping on things then ran back to car shut doors at same time lol. my buddie in jail now wish I could have gotten him off meth but can't control what people do.
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    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    I was at a fiddlers convention, everyone's doing a lot of drugs, I ran into a friend of mine who had a couple thousand hits of blotter acid, he gave me some and asked if I wanted to move some for him. I said yeh, why not. Me and my friends little brother walked all over the fields selling acid to people camped out. After 7 or 8 hours we had covered the whole place and I told the kid we would go outside the fence and sell some. I warned him that uniformed and undercover cops were outside and to be cool. We went out the gate and went right by a Ford Galaxy with two guys in suits leaning against the car, obviously cops. He starts shouting "Red Dragon acid, we got Red Dragon for sale!" I bout shit my pants! I was getting ready to run and jump over the fence to get back inside. (No cops allowed inside)The cops looked over at us and started laughing! Apparently they thought that nobody could be that stupid and that the kid was just fucking with them. We had a couple of hundred hits on us and would have pulled a lot of time if they had stopped us.

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