Cloning with Subcool ( Redundant Explanation with Pictures)

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    nippy Member

    How soon after i get a rooted clone should I flower?

    Bobotrank Well-Known Member

    It completely depends on how big you want your plant to be. You can throw it straight into flower, but you probably won't get very much in terms of a yield unless you're secretly a pro and this is just a joke. Most people veg for a couple weeks on average. There are many variables in the equation, and there isn't a right answer.

    Daemonn789 Active Member

    For the people using this method with success what am I doing wrong, lost 3 shoeboxes full in a row. Only got 3/30+. I soaked my rooters in ph'd Brita water for an hour or so. Then I mist my plants and trim off the leaves before I cut the branch. After all branches are ready I cut the clones a bit below where I'm going to make my final cut and put em in water. Then I poke holes with a pen and get the rooters slightly squeezed out. I then make my final 45° cut and immediately dip into root tech and then into the rooter.

    Once I have all my clones taken I mist once and put the lid on. They go into a cab with 3 levels. Top level has no direct light and temps stay in their box at around 74-75°. After 2 days they move down where there is a CFL. Temps stay 79-80° in here. Bottom level is just a few CFLs to generate heat and light to move upwards.

    I check them daily and remove the lid twice a day after the first 2 days for about 30 sec. Water once or twice a day - keeping the rooters moist but not pooling water on the bottom. So far, like I said, 3/30+ is not so good. Lost a line of Plushberry in the process.

    Can anyone see my blind spot?

    UGGEB420 Active Member

    grows 136.jpg this are my clones took them 4 days ago.

    Sincerely420 New Member

    Thanks for the all the info SubCool :cool:..Hopefully your somewhere coolin' out & cultivating!
    I made it thru the thread without reading anything on cloning after a F.I.M cut.
    Saw your responses that it would work after topping and in other circumstances, but would just take longer.
    So I'm wondering, does the same apply to cloning a plant that you've F.I.M'd
    Joule Eon

    Joule Eon Member

    If you are doing all that and losing that many I can only think that you are watering them too much and no oxygen is getting to the root zone. Cannabis roots so easy. I have stuck at shoot in a pot of soil with a little root powder, without covering and got roots.
    I use small pint size pots with soiless mix, cover with plastic and not once do I water after that and I rarely lose a single one. If you are using plugs then you may need to water but don't soak them to death if they are covered. I don't mist either, but since the plants only get moisture from the leaves before they make roots, misting is better than soaking for the first few days. The cover increases the humidity so plants can get moisture from the leaves. No cover required once roots are formed, but they will dry quickly now if they are in plugs, so you will have to water them regularly so they don't dry out.
    If you read the whole thread regarding high carbon and where/when to take the cutting off the mother then you should be good to go.
    Good Luck

    Hydrotech364 Classified

    Dont PH your water.Never spray the cutting only the dome.Every day remove the dome for a longer period of time, by day 4 you shouldn't need a dome anymore.All of this should be under an 24 hr light cycle.Day 4 change the times to 18/6 cell division has occurred and the dark will spur root growth, 7 days you will have pin's sticking out of the RR.Try to keep light off of the roots, i make sleeves.One last thing I lost several cuttings because Sub didn't mention alot of shit and leaves ya to try your own method's.When you make your cut at the 45 split it, hell cut it three times and make small upward incision's in the stalk, just penetrating the skin.I will do this 3/8 " up the stalk on 4 sides dip it in quality gel.I use rootech Sometimes I try new product's but I'm leery after I lost so many to clonex going bad after 6 months.Everything is important, Temp, Humidity Cuts on the stalk and light cycles.Gonna Be Irie Brodda...

    Bodego Member

    My clones wilt within a few hours after putting them into rapid rooters and in the dome. Like leaves are just hanging down completely. What could cause it to happen so sudden like that?

    Bobotrank Well-Known Member

    Do you put some water in the bottom of your chamber? I typically have about a half inch of water in the bottom of mine.

    MrGreenTooth Active Member

    Why do people try to make this so damn hard, just do exactly what Sub does . Watch , listen and learn.

    jaydub13 Well-Known Member

    Temperature. No more than 80 degrees.

    bowsa Well-Known Member

    just want to add to littel sent my buddy og sky walker and and he was watering with the brita water filter one week later all plants were curling under told him to use a snow water melt snow plants look better iwould guess it the water oh also he grew a chesse plant last round and it like the brita so every plant haves likes different things.

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    hey just adding in~ i like to slice the rooters on one side so i'm not worried about the gel coming off when i stick it in

    RIKNSTEIN Well-Known Member

    I do the same thing but with the powder...

    011.jpg 024.jpg

    Hydrotech364 Classified

    I slide a chopstick with gel in first to expand the hole.I would never slice a rooter.

    TrichomeBob New Member

    People think cloning is complicated, i think mainly because its called cloning.

    its probably one of the oldest growing tricks in the world, it is very simple as subcool shows you, fuck all these $500 cloning machines, a glass of water will work! It will take longer, but it will work.
    ive experimented with cloning and you can basically clone anyhow you want, some won't survive, but I've successfully cloned in a glass of water only, just in a root cube in my tent with no dome, under 12 hour light, 20 hour light and. 24 hour light, even just sat on my window sill with about 8 hours its rooted, even tried straight into soil.

    ive tried every way I can think of and although not every clone has survived, I have successfully cloned every where I've tried.

    i did a couple month experiment with water and 45% out of 36 clones showed roots within 20 days by just staying in a glass of water in my veg tent uncovered (no humidity dome).

    so don't be afraid people it is very simple, just make more cuttings than you need and you can't go wrong!

    although I would mention if its your only clone, make sure you look after it.

    TrichomeBob New Member

    For the guy that said hs friend had probs with Brita filter, I've always filtered my water through one, then let it sit till I need it and never had issues with water.
    It wouldn't have been the filter, they actually don't filter much, lol, I mainly do it as piece of mind and habit.

    keif30 Member

    My brita filter takes my ph from 8 to 6, and I had cloning trouble for years, I just couldnt understand it, they were in a dome 100% humidity, perfect temps, I used clonex ,trimmed the fan leaves, and they never would root. I later figured out it was because I was using rockwool, I know lots of people do, just never worked for me imo the rockwool doesnt have the proper aeration that the rapid rooter does.

    Xub420 Active Member

    yep. the Brita is great! definite ph down

    TrichomeBob New Member

    It's just irritating having to keep filling up the jug, I fill a 25 litre bucket up as and when I need it and I need to fill the jug about 20 times and wait for it to filter each time!

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