Cloning with Subcool ( Redundant Explanation with Pictures)

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    mickythefish Active Member

    I've got a male plant that I want to keep but I've got no space to keep it. Whats the best way to store cuttings in the fridge?

    DSCN4837.jpg Male Maui waui

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    Hydrotech364 Classified

    Never heard of refrigerating them, just keep him in veg.I would always keep one in Veg if I had a Maui Male.

    Shawns Active Member

    No need to refrigerate them just cut that plant back to a couple branches or take a clone soon as it roots throw away the father and just keep doing this until the day u need him

    mickythefish Active Member

    Thanks for the replies, I'd love to keep the plant in veg but i can only really run one lamp and thats on 12/12 now. I've just google'd how to keep a clone in stasis, it says that you can keep the cuttings in a zip lock bag with the stem submerged in water and put in the draw of the fridge, it says they can last up to 8 weeks. I think I'l give this a go, its not hugely important that i keep it so if it doesn't work... oh well
    Born Again Vegan

    Born Again Vegan Active Member

    I use the exact method Sub describes and my clones put out roots between 4-7 days, rarely takes any longer.
    My first clone is taken when the plants reach six nodes tall, and I top above the second node. I remove all leaves and branches on the cutting and if the stem is firm and chunky I will gently scrape two sides with a scalpel until I can see the white fibrous layer underneath the green tissue.
    I trim the remaining leaves in half, slice the bottom of the stem into a spear and dunk into an organic rooting gel and leave it for five minutes then into jiffy pellet.

    The most important part of the whole process is to keep the temperature in the humidity dome as close to 25c and 80% humidity.
    For the first three days lift the dome off twice a day to replace the air then close. After three days open the vent a crack to slowly start bringing the humidity down. Opening a bit more each day til by the end of the week the vent is fully open. By now you should have roots!

    Mr.Dirtythumbs New Member

    Hello my names Mr.Dirtythumbs I am a huge fan of TGA and have grown many of the stains from Jack the Ripper to Space Jill over 10 other strains my latest project is with the space bomb after being mesmerized by its obvious mango rotted fruit smell and was determined to cross it with my favorite bod hi strain dream lotus for its stability and easy trimming , with my team ECA (East Coast Avengers Seeds) I believe we've created a monster bud yielder with the lovely mango passion I call Space Lotus , Thank you team TGA much respect ECA.

    Mr.Dirtythumbs New Member

    cup of water ph 6.5 honestly have had clones root in cups of water with in 4 days of being lazy , change the water every 4-7 days.

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    wrap in wet moist paper towel, place in tupperware and into the fridge. i've forgotten them for at least 3 weeks n rooted em no problem.

    Hydrotech364 Classified

    Then you woke up.

    TrichomeBob New Member

    What wattage of Fluro would u guys recommend for a small clone box, 28w T5?

    Hydrotech364 Classified

    Just about right, I use a set of twin's 15W each.

    KronicCraig Member

    Clonex isn't organic. Not sure if it really affects the plant's quality or yield in the long run. But you can't be totally organic if you're using a synthetic product manufactured by a large corporation not necessarily looking to maintain an organic lifestyle. Why not try using fresh aloe or maybe some organic stuff from health food store. Works like a charm!

    grasscropper Well-Known Member

    I am definitely having issues cloning. I use jiffy pellets. How do you feel about these?
    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    no one mentioning willow water its about as organic as it gets....

    grasscropper Well-Known Member

    Do tell. I would like to hear about it.

    Hydrotech364 Classified

    I mentioned it year's ago somewhere @ the beginning of this thread.

    Skoal Well-Known Member

    Great thread. Hoping I have some success by following this. My issue is watering too much or not watering enough. Trying to keep my soil moist is difficult for me for some reason. But I do have my clones under a dome that constantly has water droplets on the lid. Giving a mist 1-2 times a day on the leafs so hopefully they get roots soon. Don’t remember having this much issues back in 2008.
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    subcool Well-Known Member

    I still do the same thjing I just now use riot rooters in the little plastic treys same dome
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