Blowinbig's Grow Journal/CFL/Aerogarden


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hey fan leaves are gettin red and yellow spots i'm thinking it might be spider mites i'm not sure...check the last pics


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look like nute defficiiency...however i am no expert i have red in books yellow spots is deficency it looks like n pic u have yellow spots u agree?


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all i have to say is dave you are the man....i was very skeptical to the ag growing idea but you seem to have pulled it off by growing some of the best bud i have ever seen! do u have any suggestions on what kind of strains i should grow if i live in virginia? also i would like to know what kind of strains grow bushy instead of getting really tall? sorry for all the questions bro


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yea, we all wanna see the updates, i know you are probably cutting that up right now but i wanna see too man, i finished my ag and they were amazing, so all you doubters check it out, im on my second grow, i wanna know how tall yours turned out