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  • I was hoping you could send me an email. I have a question about one of your diy guides and would prefer to keep it private. my email: mmjsites at gmail dot com. Much appreciated!
    Hey Im also looking for info on that grow box haha
    did you use a total of 3 boxes ?
    basically im going to try to scrog a sativa in one of those using cfls and a bubbler bucket soooo obviously i need to figure out how you built that haha
    thanks for any info
    Hey manyou got to tell me how you did your grow box thats off the chain i will try to send you some pics of my room
    I added you to contacts because I wanted to see your plastic box grow journal but I can't find it. Can you send the link? I love the AG project by the way.
    honestly i did this grow almost 2 years ago and i cant remember shit good enough to give you a list.. if you click on the signature on the bottom of my name there will be a list if the items in that thread. and i think it was 5 or 6 plants.
    good luck
    Hey, I'm looking to start a nice grow. I want to avoid using a HPS light for a lot of reasons. I'm new to growing and CFLs just seem so simple in comparison. I have posted a thread here looking for advice and people keep pointing me into the direction of HPS. This is exactly what I needed to see. Could you assist me with ia list of everything I need and where it could be obtained? I'm sure I could assemble based off your images. Thank you in advance!
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