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    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    i couldn't edit my last post so;
    there is also some good info on the different kinds of coconut oils on that site. interesting stuff. i'm still not sure which one to use though. i'm not concerned about the health benefits of the oil itself, just extracting the most good stuff out of the buds. the health benefits are interesting, as well as those from lecithin and i will be incorporating both into my diet.

    i'm old and need all the help i can get. :)
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    lecithin is a waste..
    really shouldnt extract with the oil..
    if you want tincture next your gonna need hash of some type anyway. mcts ars good orally, light unsaturated fatty acids are good topically. dont worry about exacts too much, just get coconut oil. polarity differs minimally

    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    thanks. i think i understood the last part. :)
    i'll make some dry ice hash with some of my next harvest if i need to make something stronger. i'm hoping this oil works out. as i tell my doctor, i can't say pot takes the pain away, but it takes my mind off it, so i guess that's the same thing. i go to the veterans administration and was nervous about telling them about my medical pot card but the dr was fine, couldn't care less. we've come a long way.

    i've read for hours about oil and oil vs butter vs tinctures. now i just read that for some it takes up to 4 hours for the canna oil capsules to kick in.

    i avoid cooking at all costs so i just want to use the oil under my tongue (if it isn't too terrible) and then swallow it, or maybe put a few drops into some peanut butter and eat it that way and take medium strength capsules. i'm not looking to get zonked, just nicely buzzed. i ate too much once, and i want to avoid that at all costs. it still freaks me out a bit. so i'm going to start with just a few drops at a time and work my way up.

    i need to do some more reading about the 4 hour kick in time as today is the first time i read someone saying it and others saying yeah, it can take that long. could just be those individuals, but i'm not waiting 4 hours for a buzz.

    i have everything i need to get this going except the machine. come on UPS!

    i just had an odd thought. as i want to use some oil by dropping it into peanut butter or just into my mouth, onto toast..., i think i'll use the liquid oil first and see how just using it uncapped works. i have a couple 1 ounce dropper bottles with some tincture in them (the only tincture i found that got me stoned and the guy stops making it). as this coconut oil stays liquid in the fridge, they should work and store well. i'll get more bottles if they do.

    i have 2.5 ounces of good bud drying out. i can't decide between using one ounce of bud in 2 cups of oil, or two, so i'll use 1.5 the first time and go from there.

    my plan, or rather my hope is to make a bunch of strong oil whenever i have some extra, freeze most of it, and use it in years to come. if it will stay decent that long. i'm getting old and although i love growing, i'd rather do it less often. like once a year instead of 3 or 4 times. that's a lot of water to hump over the decades. probably helped keep me in shape.

    I HATE UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    their tracking said my magical butter machine would be delivered Friday. this morning I see they changed the delivery date to Monday. I should be zooming on oil by now.

    edit 2: thank you fumble, that helps a lot. :)
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    SuperHashBrothers New Member

    Hey BadKat & fellow RIU'ers

    I am preparing for a large"ish" water hash extraction and the drying time of my final product is important. I know BadKat and others have recomended using a food dehydrator for drying or more specifically decarbing but I havent been able to find any specifics especially with using water hash. What Im wanting to know is (1) what surface would you put the hash on to fit in the dehydrator which is the typical 5 stacked rings design (2) What types of spacing and ventalation issues would one have to consider using this method (3) how long to put the product in the machine. If anyone has any imput and especially experience I would be more than greatful for some words of wisdom! Im not sure if Kat visits this page regularly so feel free to give your .02
    Mad Hamish

    Mad Hamish Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a hard worker! Must have taken so much time to put all this info in all the many places you put it. Nice website too. My head feels like exploding with all the info. Thanks for sharing all of this. For free. WOW.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    hash should be decarbed over a double boiler watching the carboxyl group break off as co2 and h2o bubbles. no bubbles, it's decarbed

    SuperHashBrothers New Member

    I agree that there are other very effective methods, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Heres BadKats quote
    "extensive the decarbing process needs to be. Loose hash, separated from plant matter,

    in general needs a bit less decarbing. With herb, depending on the age, I decarb for a full

    20 minutes after the preheat, rather than including that warm up in my 20 minute time


    A food dehydrator works just as well, if not better than heat at decarbing, it reduces the

    risk of damaging your product with excessive heat. It's hard to tell when your decarb is

    completed when using heat, usually gently browned herb is a good sign but it often

    means you've taken it a hair too far, and some material in the middle may not be

    completely decarbed."

    qwizoking Well-Known Member


    Are you using plant matter? no....
    you can literally watch it decarb
    "risk of damaging your product with excessive heat. It's hard to tell when your decarb is
    completed when using heat, usually gently browned herb is a good sign but it often
    means you've taken it a hair too far,"

    your not using plant material... and no I would never suggest a food dehydrator anyway.
    the double boiler holds a steady 210 or so

    Rollituplightitup New Member

    Hi Badkats or anyone out there ,i need some help relating to tbe Carboxyl-Intact Cold Oil & Tincture
    basically id like to know if anyone did this recipe and if so, does it get you high or not ?.im interested in something that has no recreational value,just medicinal.

    Next question. has anyone made these Topical Transdermal 'BONE BARS' ?
    if so, did they get you high ?.im only interested in its anti inflammatory and medicinal property's. Also does anyone have basic proportions for a simple recipe that doesn't use all the fancy oil and stuff ?
    something basic like coconut and hemp oil ? theres is a mention that you can use as little as 2 edible doses per 8 oz of cream to be effective, but what is 2 edible doses anyway :?

    Last but not least.Badkats,uses ceramic oven safe dishes for some of her recipes;can they be substituted for anything else ?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    i post this alot
    For a compound to have "drug likeness" it must have a polar surface area (psa) under 60 angstroms in order to cross the blood brain barrier and reach receptors.. in the polar acid form(thca) has a psa of 66...meaning you will feel effects from cbd as the cb1 receptors give yo a high and located in the brain.. the cb2 receptors are located throughout the body and don't require a reduction in bb barrier to cross

    a psa under 60 is optimum and some will cross up to about 70. thca at 66 will cross in high doses..this would be a huge waste of product however..especially since it takes relatively high doses to get high, after decarbing it drops to 30..
    cbda is more polar than thc with a psa of 77 and cbd about 40

    you can feel certain effects without decarbing..this is far from ideal, medically or recreationally

    coconut oil is used orally, it's not efficient transdermally, we use unrefined sunflower oil or something high in low weight fatty acids in combination with propylene glycol and/or <10% ethanol as permeation enhancers...
    No offense to the old cat, but if you want scientifically sound answers, this may not be the thread for you.peace im out, don't wanna take it over, not my thread
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    hoonry Well-Known Member

    not a huge edibles freak, but, every now and then...
    every spring, I find myself looking at a pile of small buds I don't want to trim or smoke, so I make it into bubble hash.
    wanted to try the hash caps. sometimes you want the edible buzz, but not caloric intake. you might be sober but not hungry.
    love the tutorial.
    trying to get it right.

    followed it step by step, but didn't like my result. I ended up with the dreaded sludge on the bottom scenario, oil on top... I have no doubt that I have a potent product now, I was just hoping for something uniform, and what I ended up with looks like if I capped it up now, it'd be a roll of the dice every time I took one.
    I know what it's like to overdose on hash food, and I wish that terror on nobody.
    I also know what it's like to underdose, and while it's not as scary, it's certainly annoying.

    is it because I used water hash instead of dry sift?

    anybody have experience with this scenario?
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    fumble Well-Known Member

    Hey hoonry. I have been making BadKats hash caps for about 3 years now. Just stir that sludge into the oil, it will become a nice, liquid consistency. You need to stir it every once in a while as you are making the caps so it doesn't settle back on the bottom, but it works wonders. use an eye dropper, or syringe or pipette to fill your caps.

    If you follow her recipe exactly (in the amounts she used) you will have some kick your ass strength caps. You can always add more coconut oil though if they too strong ;)
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    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    i made some at the strength suggested and they floored most peeps that tried them. one guy said it was like having an E tab his head was so buzzing.

    fumble Well-Known Member

    right on DonG&T! I decarb and add LECITHIN exactly the way BKS does and they are awesome.

    hoonry Well-Known Member

    Heya fumble thanks for your reply. love the syringe idea.
    maybe I'm impatient, I feel like I stirred a bunch and it just wasn't ever going to fully dissolve. I think maybe a higher temperature is needed to get it to fully break down and blend in...
    I did end up capping it the way it was, imperfect as it looked, and they are indeed quite strong... so no complaints! just wanted that gorgeous uniform look.
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    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    That's just what I did, been using the lecithin in cooking occasionally too
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    fumble Well-Known Member

    When you stir that sludge up Hoonry, it is a beautiful liquid black gold...believe me, I make it regularly. you have what you are looking for hun.

    fumble Well-Known Member

    I love the lecithin DonG&T. I don't make butter without it...I have made side by side comparisons, two cookies both 150 mg, one with lecithin and one without...the one without needed to eat the whole cookie. The one without ate half. Same person testing.

    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    that's pretty cool. it's been ages since I've made butter, i usually keep all trim for bho or hash these days. might be about time to make some treats :smile:
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    Mad Hamish

    Mad Hamish Well-Known Member

    That totally depends on who is eating it. Each ailment will have a different spectrum of cannabinoids that treat it. THC in it's active form might be more of a hindrance than a benefit in some cases. So my mom for example prefers non-decarbed tincture because it not only does enough to give her a comfortable day but doesn't get in the way of her work. Mental effects are mild enough that tolerance takes care of them within a few days of starting to use a carboxylated cannabis therapy.

    Take note that totally fresh herb was used in our case, in a state where as few as possible cannabinoids have naturally decarboxylated. You can't go using dried and cured source material and expect zero decarbed THC. You will just have less than a full decarb. So if you used dry material, of course SOME effects will be felt, you have some THC in there already.

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