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    read the rest of that post, I said that...

    now if you want to feel full benefit from cbd or thc etc it needs to hit your brain, effects are felt from the activation of receptors whether medically or recreationally, so it doesnt depend on who's eating but rather the ailment. cbda like thca won't cross the bb barrier an yes cb2 receptor are found throughout the body, making non decarbed methods best for a more localized topical treatment like arthritis, but that's not the only mode of action for cbd, it acts on opiate receptors, gabba, trpv etc and that creates much of the effect patients are looking for
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    I'd never "winterized" my canna oil/butter or heated more than once, though I do decarb.
    I used 7+g dry swift to 1/3 cup (79ml) coco oil. Decarbed then , heated in oven, to freezer & repeated three times. Made some muffins, box mix, bout 18 muffins.
    Ate a muffin yesterday, I felt a small effect at about an hour in so grabbed another, on the last bite of second muffin the first hit me hard, a couple hours later remember noddin' a few times & woke up 5hrs later the most relaxed I'v felt in a long time.
    Ate one an hour or so ago.. got me
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    WOW i just read through the past 14 pages....amazing content thank you so much @BadKittySmiles for sharing all your great recipes, and such informative valuable content. I have a question maybe you or someone else on the thread can answer. i have been buying eatables from the club for some time now. I like to consume around 200mg of thc per eatable. How do you measure your own thc content, or at least get close, assuming you know the potency of your product, if you do it at home? I read you Dosage posting and it was very informative. im still wondering how i get 200mg of thc in my brownie tho, thanks :)
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    you can get organic coconut oil at pretty much any grocery store or Wal-Mart
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    Can you use leaf instead of buds to make any of this ?

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    if I eat edibles 3 days in a row will I need to up dose to feel same effect?
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    All hail BadKat!
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    Absolutely, you'll just want to add more leaf than you would bud. I have never cooked with leaf so I can't give you any dosing recommendations :(

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    I haven't tried it but there are test kits out there. This one looks interesting to me.
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    The general rule of thumb is 4 oz trim = 1 oz bud

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    Hey there folks,

    Sorry to perhaps necro a thread...but I believe I read from Badkat on another forum (which lead me here ) that it ISN'T a good idea to make candies with alcohol tincture? Can someone confirm this? The reason I ask is I infused some 190 proof with CBD strain but as I am a noob the end dosage after running the numbers wasn't really that potent. Would technically have to consume more alcohol than I would care at one sitting. This is for day time use. I have seen "recipes" where you "reduce?" the alcohol tincture down to "essential oil" by heating and then using this in candy recipe. Does this sound feasible or would/could I be better off adding more herb to the tincture to make it stronger per ml? And/or any suggestions what to do with this "weak" CBD alcohol tincture. Cheers.

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    Yes if you evaporate the alcohol off you’ll be left with a runny viscous oil not sure if it would work for hard candy or not but you could put it in gel caps or make gummy bears good luck

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