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    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    I have made some great infused coconut oil man. crockpot with water and oil in it works fine. I also do the re-infusion method in a mason jar double boiled. both come out just fine. I like to make the oil pretty strong. Then I decarb some keif and add it to the hot oil and then stir in corn starch till it is all a jelly like dry substance you can handle with your fingers. It makes it super easy to load a capsule this way. I am not sure how much the oil can saturate to but I have had it come out of the mason jar thick as honey after about six infusions.

    Johnnycat535 New Member

    Why do you stir in corn starch? And wow 6 infusions! How long did that take? What was your bud and oil ratios when doing the multiple infusions as well as the crockpot method? Also for me using kief (dry sifted hash) isn't an option so I'll be focusing on using bud and possibly trimmings if I can get my hands on it.

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    I use a small-med mason jar filled with trim and popcorn that had been ground up. Then just enough coconut oil to cover the powder. I put jar with lid on it in the crock-pot with water just high enough so jar doesn't float. Let sit for 24hrs. use a potato ricer to squeeze out material and repeat six times. add a little oil each time to make sure material stays covered. Gets THICK. :-)

    I use the activated keif to kick it up a bit. I make pills with the mix and corn starch allows me to keep pills anywhere without the chance of them leaking. So... you can store at room temp or higher. (think pocket inside pill case) It is something for the oil to bind to and is inert as far as digestion goes.

    When I do them this way 1-2 pills is my dose. I make 2x and 3x infusions and since they are weaker I have to take between 5-7 pills. Others like it when I make them weaker so they can titrate better. One guy it only takes 3 of the weaker pills to hit outer space.

    I know people use soy lecithin. However, It is my opinion that soy anything is not necessarily the best for guys to consume regularly... My edibles and capsules beat any dispensary I have tried out here hands down. :-)

    BKS has done some great work sharing all this info though! I had to learn by hit and miss throughout the years.
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    Johnnycat535 New Member

    Couldn't you just do the process longer and simply stir it once a day or so. Or when you do multiple infusions do you mean that you use fresh bud each time? And I looked into soy and you were right about not using it regularly for men Thanks for sharing your process.

    Crash666 Well-Known Member

    I've used Bad Kitty's recipe both with and without the soy lecithin. The capsules with the lecithin seem more potent to me. I've read a little here and there about the cons of soy over the years. I wonder if sunflower lecithin or another version would work the same way in the capsules? If I recall correctly, it helps with bioavailability as well as acting as an emulsifier. I like the corn starch idea, I'll try that one out here soon.

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    I use new material each extraction. It takes up some trim to do a solid 6x batch.

    Tip. Keep the extracted material in the fridge and do a second extraction of all of that in butter-water. Comes out good. :-)

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Let us know if any other lecithin works. I just cant bring myself to add soy to my oil.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I would suggest all chemistry related questions be sent to the c&e section

    Holds bout 30% of volume in solution at room temp
    Obviously temperature has a lot to do with how much can be stuffed in there could get 50% when fully saturated
    And that's all I'm gonna say in this thread.....not my thread

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    Thankyou for the information qwizo. :-). I have some blue dream popcorn and 99% in the freezer. Tomorrow is the day. :-). Ill let u know how it goes with your pour through method for me.

    I too will stop hijacking BKS. :-).

    Johnnycat535 New Member

    Great idea saving the processed material for butter. Nothing better then squeezing out every last bit lol. Not sure what you meant by the pour method though. I'm sure I just got lost along the way. And thank you for the heads up qwizo I've just added a new post in the C&E section to address this theory. I'd hope to hear more from you in my new thread.

    BCOGYODA Well-Known Member

    Hey BKS wow great thread! I just started making edibles and found your thread. I supply some to dispensaries and some to other patients, friends and family. I'm just starting off though so I have tons to learn about it. Thank you for taking a lot of your time to post all of this great info. People like you are what makes this forum so great and informative!!
    All the best to you and your loved ones!

    mercury187 Active Member

    Who makes the capsules that are used in the very first post and where can they be purchased? Looking to make leak proof capsules that will last for at least a few weeks. thanks

    O'Shit Active Member

    Can I make the caps out of bho and what do I need to do before following the directions on this thread thx

    SomeGuy Well-Known Member

    You can just put your bho (purged already) in a covered oven safe container and in a Preheated oven at 220f for 2-25 min. AFter that turn the oven off and let the oil cool to room temp in the oven (slow). Now you can put about a dabs worth or so in a capsule or whatever and chow it. Very effective.

    hazeynights Member

    yes make them with bho. once the bho is decarbed simply take it to 150-180, mix in desired amount of lecithen and coconut oil, mix real well, back in over for 5 to 10 minutes, take out and stir again. freeze it, once hardened, pull out and heat up one more time til liquid. done. i can fit 100mg of thc in a capsule, but most only need 30 to 60 mg

    BadKittySmiles Active Member

    Just thought I'd drop in and share the news, look who made the front page of High Times....[​IMG][​IMG]

    I was so busy with patient and caregiver group meetings and the festival circuit last year, and then fell pretty ill for the better part of winter, hopefully I'll be able to make a little more time for the forums in the near future. :)

    Hope everyone's having a lot of success, good health, and fun with their oil!


    If you need help just message us here at RIU or at the contact form at |

    Remember that while making oil is very easy, there's also much more to producing a medical grade oil with heightened cannabinoid bioavailability, than just blending with oil sufficiently to the naked eye, or worse, consuming a pure cannabis concentrate.... there is plenty of good information right in here, on why that's so. :) It's not that cutting corners won't work at all, obviously if you eat enough of even raw cannabis, you'll eventually feel something. It's just not the best use of your materials. If you have plenty of material to work with and never run dry then by all means, but for patients who don't have a lot of money, who can't grow or can't produce much at a time, absorbing more than a fraction of their medicine can be crucial to the success of their treatment. The reason we specifically process the way we do and why we take the extra few minutes in the kitchen, is to facilitate the liposomal encapsulation of individual cannabinoids in order to encourage the kind of oral bioavailability in an edible oil that has in labs been shown to rival intravenous delivery, and that can produce consistent results every time. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes the same medium chain/caprylic acid and phospholipids found respectively in coconut oil and lecithin to facilitate bioavailability and improve the absorption of a variety of chemicals both water and oil soluble, in oral, transdermal and even intravenous mediums, in much the same way we do when processing medical grade oil, the tutorials are designed to be replicated easily in the average users home without requiring any special equipment or solvents. Besides producing a greater number of stronger and longer-lasting doses from less material, a truly bioavailable oil relies less on a patients metabolism, it absorbs rapidly and functions well virtually regardless of the contents in the stomach and it's far more useful and effective for both recreational users and in patient treatment when taken over the delayed and partial absorption and variable effects that are more common with water butters, firecrackers, pure concentrates and similar efforts at making edibles.

    THAT is what this thread is all about! :weed:
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    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    Congrats, Kat! thats awesome!
    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    grats kitty:clap:

    fumble Well-Known Member

    That is awesome BKS! Thank you so much for all you do.

    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    I've decided to make canna caps and ended up with 2 kinds of coconut oil.
    now I'm confused.

    I was looking for the highest percent of saturated fats and MCTs. I ended up with one that has 60 sat fat (louanna coconut oil). I bought another one from amazon that stayed liquid even in the fridge which has 67% saturate fat and says 93% MCTs (nature's way liquid coconut premium oil. the other one doesn't mention MCT.

    I was going to use the liquid, and then I found this article.

    it talks about the good stuff that is taken out of the liquid coconut oil (lauric acid for ex, even though the bottle says it has 13g of MCT per tablespoon, which includes lauric acid), in order for it to stay liquid but again, it has a higher saturated fat content and lists the high level of MCTs.

    i'm making my canna oil tomorrow, i' just bought the magicalbutter machine and am looking forward to see if it works out better than when i didn't have it.

    you coconut oil people, which would you use? i have both so i may try both, i've got plenty of bud to burn, i mean eat, but i try not to be too wasteful. :)

    after i figure out oil, i'll try tincture.
    work, work, work.

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