Anyone grow sunflowers?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Lethidox, Apr 3, 2019.


    Lethidox Well-Known Member

    damn the one on the right looks sexy. im still waiting for my seeds it should be coming in next week but i got about 2-3 weeks left on my current grow before i can really do anything. How long do you run your lights for? i was thinking of doing like 18/6 but idk if that is over kill
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    One on the right was on 16/8, 6500k 20W regular LED tube lights. Potted it into a 5 gallon yesterday and started feeding them too. Doing 10 varieties of flowers and a few other plants.
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    Lethidox Well-Known Member

    thanks yea i wasnt sure what amount of light they needed hours wise people just say "more like the better" -.- i mean for us indoor growers we can run that shit under 24/0 and something might go wrong XD
    too larry

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    I've got a tray full of sunflower sprouts. This was two weeks ago, so they really need to find a home soon. I haven't decided where they are going.

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    lucky.. i bought some little becka's wanted um for their size/colors cause i doubt the stores here have anything i am interested just your typical yellow and black sunflowers possibly the bigger varieties. im growing mine in the tent. really hope they get here soon i ordered um about 2 weeks ago. im growing mine just to have fresh flowers for my moms urn/vase thus why it is an indoor grow dont want um infested with bugs or ugly looking. got about a little over a week or 2 though to kill until my harvest then possibly drying in the tent so got time

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