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    DoobyDoo Well-Known Member

    Dear Al,

    I fawked up and would like some assistance. First time grower so I figured something would go wrong, but this kind of has me worried. I'm in soil, have been feeding with 10mL/gal (mixed measuring systems FTW!) of Tiger Bloom, haven't had any problems. A few weeks ago I added 2.5mL (a half dose) of Grow Big to the mix without any problems. I did the same thing last feeding, and my plants got burned. The two biggest ones took the hardest hits, too. I flushed them all with 3gal of water as soon as I noticed, probably a day or two after the burning happened (I was real busy for a few days and wasn't paying very close attention). The damage seems to have stopped and the colas seem to have a bit of new growth, but I wanted your opinion: is this thing toast? It is on day 42 of flowering.

    Honestly, I'm confused as hell as to what caused this. I'm thinking one of two things: 1) During those days I was busy as hell, I didn't completely "un-seal" my closet one of those days and ventilation wasn't the best. Temperatures could have gotten too high, burning the plants. 2) I got distracted while mixing nutes and added an extra 5mL of Tiger Bloom. 3) Some combination of the two things. 4) Something else completely.

    The damaged plants feel crispy and brittle... even healthy-looking leaves snap off if I even brush up against them. Needless to say, I'm rather bummed... but oh well, live and learn.

    Edit: The bigger colas on the burned plants have also started sagging a bit in the last couple days. I'm hoping this is due to the size of the colas and not my frying them, but that is likely too much to hope for. Any suggestions there would help too. TIA!

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    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Actually High index isn't polyparb. (also stinks like a mutha when grinding it) Typical materials are CR39, polycarb and High Index. -5? How many hands am I holding up? :) Its not that bad, but yeah, edges will get thick depending on frame style.

    I've said this many a time (been uilty of it at times too)


    For the mark up they charge, yes they can/must do a good job. Beveling and polishing is just an extra step on a modern machine. Though beveling is faster and can be nicer when done by hand. But I'd go with he deblocked it before checking the lens. And tossing it back on the lensometer and back into edger would have taken him a whole 10 minutes for the pair.

    Oh shit! I just saw polished 1/2 the edge. Like back 1/2 of the lens? If so they are using cheap ass blocking tape. Its deflecting too much on the wheel. 3M is the only good stuff out there.

    fitzyno1 Well-Known Member

    Al, i use a carbon filter for 8 plants at the minute and think it's great. But i'll be starting up a setup like yours very soon in a different location, and i will have to make a new growroom. I'll be using a carbon filter in that room as well, but odor will be a main concern. The carbon filter exaust will be going into an attic. It's costing quite a bit to set up and i dont want to be splashing-out on more expensive gear.
    I was wondering if you have ever heard of anyone using an Odor Neutralizing Agent (ONA) and some absorbing crystals (Soil Moist), in a bucket and fan?
    Here is a link to a DIY Odor Neutralizing Machine:
    DIY Odor Neutralizing Machine. *step by step* - Forums
    I was thinking of making a few of those, one for the growroom, one for the attic and one for the mothers (mothers will be in a different room).
    I've never heard of this stuff, an was wondering if i'd i be wasting my time?
    Or do you think they'd work?

    grandpabear3 New Member

    hi al......long time-ish

    off topic i know, but i gotta say you really let one of the crazies slip thru the cracks and get past the screening process at fuct industries. that damn sparkafire is just running around all willy nilly reaking havoc and shittin on peoples porches. please be more responsible in the future with handing out honorary skewl of fuct diploma's. this guys dangerous. and he's mean to boot.....not shity sarcastic like us grown folks.....more cantankerous, ya know???


    sparkafire Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh Sorry Al I think someone might have snapped under pressure...... Sorry about that.

    paperfetti Well-Known Member


    GypsyBush Well-Known Member

    Hey Al...

    I just wanted to take a moment and
    Thank You...!!!

    You and your threads have been a source of inspiration and knowledge...

    With your help... and the help of RIU... and a little bit of luck with the post orifice... I am very close to finishing my grow tent...

    Your advice on the HIDs was invaluable, and the ability to have a 600 watt HPS 10 inches from my plants is IRREPLACEABLE...

    Pretty soon a new batch of clones will be moving in, and I am already jumping in joy...

    Much Respect and Many Thanks...!!!



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    doktorgreenthumb420 Well-Known Member

    thanks Al for the info i will change bulb to hps and use koolbloom like week 5 is a pic of one of those clones i tried of that problematic ppp mother plant anyway ty for advice and i will be instituting RW back into the system

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    doktorgreenthumb420 Well-Known Member

    hey paperfetti a peak memory thermometer is a thermometer that will record the maximum and minimum temps a room ever gets so it lets you know how cold iit got at its coldest point of night (lights off time) and how hot during the hot part of day (lights on time)

    sorry had to answer that one hope i wasnt out of place Al tell me if i was hehe

    much respect


    paperfetti Well-Known Member



    paperfetti Well-Known Member

    Well i guess i dont have that..just a basic hygroneter..definately dont think answering a simple question like that for a noob wasnt out of place..did u see al's setup??..i know he enjoys helping us out in all,but cmon..whats a peak memory whatever?..noob shit lol
    thanx for helping out friend

    paperfetti Well-Known Member

    Is ppp a difficult starin or something??..why problematic?

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    All I can tell from that picture is that you dont clean your fingernails very well... :mrgreen:

    GypsyBush Well-Known Member

    Yup! they sure are.... I put an "S" turn inside to accommodate changes in height...

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member


    The plant in cube "C" is drooping, and the plant in cube "D" one of the new leaves tip is starting to turn yellow... My weed baron days are numbered :cry:

    Temperature may be too high and I am trying to lower it but the humidity is suffering. One thermometer says I am at about 84 degrees another says 85-86 (30C). They may have been overwatered since I had the cubes to 30grams a few times and they drop about 4-5 grams/12 hours. Humidity is dropping to between 25 & 40 to lower the temps.


    I decided to feed them some light nutes and back off on the watering a little bit. Mixed 1ml/L Canna nutes + 1.5ml/L H202 and dipped them to weigh between 19-22grams this morning.
    Return of the Spork

    Return of the Spork Well-Known Member

    Clones again...

    Bout half have normally green leaves and are slightly hunched over but nothing I'm worried about.

    Other half just have very little rigidity and the leaves are dark green and hunched over and very limp. I don't see how it could be overwatering though because I'm not misting and the cubes are definitely not wet.

    Or should I be misting? Just want to know if there is something critical I should be doing to save them? I am fine waiting it out if that is the best course of action.
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    You can start them on weak nutes (400ppm) now. Let them make their 2nd set of true leaves before dropping the light, hold it to about 12"/300mm until they make their 2nd set of leaves.

    It probably won't yield well because most of the leaves are cooked.

    Flowering additives are used in hydro systems in wk5 of flowering, only. You're using soil; there could be other nutes in there that you may or may not be aware of that helped you cook them.

    As a general rule, 'more' isn't better when growing plants.

    No doubt. They want me to take them imperfect and I'm having none of it. I had to do another 100km round trip to the shop yesterday on their advice that the work was done- it wasn't. Now, I'm annoyed. And I'm wearing 3 year old spex while my 2007 pair is fitted with reading lenses. I won't be on RIU much until I can get some proper spex.

    Counter-scent agents don't generally work well. Moreover, their scents can be a giveaway all on their own. O3 & carbon filters leave zero scent.

    Well hell, when a Fuct Industries licence looks like this...

    [​IMG]'s not surprising that the licensees are getting all shitty. :D

    giving you your money's worth. ;)
    A thermometer that remebers the high & low temp extremes.
    Without a peak mem thermometer, you don't know how hot it's getting. You said in another thread that your temps were touching 86F and you 'knew that was OK.' It ain't.
    CFLs make heat, too. If your air temp is wandering up to 86F, you can induce heat damage with CFLs.

    You're welcome. Looking good so far. :)

    Now that your beans have sprouted, drop the temp to 26C max (78.8F).

    Good call on backing off on the watering.

    Pull the limp ones out of the cube, look at the stem tips. If they are shrinking, brown or squishy, cut off the dead tissue and plug them back in the cubes. If you have stem tip rot, you're watering too much for the evaporation rate of your clonebox.

    And with that, I'm outta here for a few days until I can get some proper spex. I just can't use the computer on these old ones.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    We can increase our font size in the mean time grandpa! :)

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    Why dont you just lend him yours BBB? :mrgreen:

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    He'd only have a monocle then. His vision is twice as bad as mine.

    (oh shit. just got that. lol)
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