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    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Greetings and hallucinations. :)

    So I went on holiday back at the end of May, came back a couple weeks later and instantly got pneumonia. My mate bongjockey came to the rescue and babysat the op (again) while my veterinarian was fixing me up (thx agn beej :)). Still feeling kinda ordinary but not spending all day in bed now, at very least.

    The Get a harvest every 2 weeks thread had gotten far too long to be useful. Understandably (to some degree), people were not reading the whole thread (often not even post 1, page 1) and I wound up getting the same questions over and over. That thread was closed and stickied when I split for the south Pacific. The thread started out being about my rotating SoG op but kinda turned into "Ask Al."

    I do have some particular opinions about grow ops. I'm focused on growing useful quantities of dope in limited floorspace by means that will work for everyone, every time, at reasonable total cost and low effort. That means SoG, with clones under fluoros, veg & flower under HID lighting.

    Because I'm a stoned slacker, I think ops should take as little effort as possible and everything that happens in the op should have a basis in replicatable science. I don't like wasting time on experimental stuff or blowing money on 'magic sauces' where you really don't know what's in them.

    Please don't ask me about LEDs (expensive time wasters), flowering with fluoros/CFLs or Aerogardens (too small to be useful AND ridiculously expensive).

    If you're a noob, read How not to grow dope. Might look like a humour piece but it's really a list of just about everything wrong you can do in a grow op. Stoney McDoper's greatest fault is that he thinks MOAR IS ALWAYS BETTER. It ain't. In a grow op, there's not enough, just right and dead.

    If you want a perpetual self-supply of smoke, ESPECIALLY if you're a noob, use tried and proven methods. Find an op depicted on here that is demonstrably producing well and copy it to the letter.

    Simpler is better, every single time. A bunch of people have asked me to write a grow book. If I did, I bet could do it in 10 pages or less. It'd be more cookbook than grow book as I wouldn't attempt to cover all ways of growing, rather just present a recipe for the most efficient and productive grow one person can do in spare space. If you want to do a warehouse, I'm not your guy.
    I'm by no means an expert in all styles of growing and there's better plant problem troubleshooters out there than me (potroast in particular) and numerous soil/outdoor experts on board, but if you have questions about doing an indoor hydroponic grow, you can ask them here.

    Since the Get A Harvest Every 2 Weeks thread was closed, folks have a tendency to ask me stuff in unrelated threads. I'm sure the thread starters would prefer their threads are not hijacked. Please put your queries for me in this thread- easier for me to keep track and hopefully will make other folks happier, too.

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Hey, palomine, it's good to hear that you are getting back in shape.

    I've got one question that's been bothering me, and I'm sure others are wondering, too.

    How do I hide my grow from my DAD? :joint::hump:

    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Thanks, not doing the dead thing just yet. Maybe later, hopefully not soon. ;)


    Easy, just put a photo of your mom on the door. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    dertmagert Well-Known Member

    hey... good to have you back al.. since you have been away, i have remodeled my grow based on your "get a harvest every 2 weeks" ... im using soil tho..

    this past saturday i threw in my fourth set.. and i was planning on harvesting the first set in 2 weeks (when i have another set ready to replace them)... however, the plants in my first set dont look to be ready enough to begin flushing... i think they are going to need ANOTHER 2 weeks...

    so my problem is this -
    i planned on harvesting on week 8, so i pretty much stuffed the room full so i would have to remove a set to put another set in...
    after doing some research on the strain ( Black Rose by Heath Robinson ) i have found that it does need 10 weeks ...

    some of the hairs are begining to turn a bit orange, but they are still exploding with white... ill post some pics in a bit when the lights come on...

    i would hate to harvest them 2 weeks too soon, but i dont know if i could fit another set in there!... well, im sure i could get crafty,.. any kind of help u can give me with this scenario?

    would 2 weeks too early be a waste of 8 whole weeks? should i wait out the other 2 weeks and just put the newest set in free space in the room (that isnt directly under the light?) or should i put the oldest ones in the less lit area?
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    dertmagert Well-Known Member

    heres a pic of the one of my second set (nirvana chrystal) at 3 weeks,,,


    i decided to lollipop this set (which is more of what u already said to do ) and i am getting much better vertical growth than on the first set ( black rose) ..

    i didnt force the first set up and they just branched out... they were flowered with no veg time so i guess they didnt have enough time to be able to branch out properly so they just have these short buddy branches... im going to have a pic of those in an hour...

    the third set i put in was black rose, which i also lollipopped and have much taller, single cola plants, that are growing less buds but are much larger..

    and the fourth set is chrystal (see the pattern?) BR - CHRYSTAL - BR - CHRYSTAL..
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    dertmagert Well-Known Member

    ok.. heres the plant in question... AL .. can u tell by looking at these pics if they are ready to start flushing or if i should wait 2 more weeks?



    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    subscribed =)

    saine420 Well-Known Member

    Welcome back Al, I am sure I will have some questions for you soon. Thanks again for all the knowledge you share. Consider me on board. I can't wait to see how long till someone asks a question already asked and answered on this thread.:wall: :lol:
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    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    You can blame the 2 week delay on soil vs. hydro.

    If you're intent on using soil, you'll have to reduce the number of plants you put in the room for each batch as they will probably need 10 wks on avg. Instead of putting in 25% of the quantity of plants that will fit in the op each 2 wks, reduce that to 20% and harvest after 10 wks instead of 8.

    Keep your maturing plants under the strongest light. About 20-30% of bud mass is formed in the last 2 wks of an 8 wk cycle and buds need as much light as you can throw at them for best weight and density. If your plants are going a bit slow, you can shift that quotation of greatest production to the last 2 weeks of your 10 wk cycle.

    This plant looks great! Exactly how it should look at about 3 wks. Could do with more aggressive pruning of lower branches, though.

    Putting clones straight in to 12/12 will cause them to reduce their veg growth, tapering off over about 4 wks until vegetative growth all but stops.

    ooh- those plants have big problems. They are browning off because they are dying prematurely, not because they're mature. They should be developing a LOT more bud mass than that before the calyxes start turning colour, which will naturally occur in a healthy plant when they've run their course of flowering, normally 8 wks.

    The sallow leaves and poor development are a telltale. My guess would be root disease, perhaps related to poor drainage or overwatering. potroast or soil experts may have a second opinion.

    Do you let the pots get rather light before watering again or do you give a certain amt of water each time regardless of pot heft feel?

    Flushing is optional in any case. I don't bother. Makes no difference to the smoking quality.
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    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    coolio. :)

    Thanks. :)

    The repeat queries will appear... oh, hell lemme take a punt... on page 2 of the thread. :lol:
    Stoney McDoper

    Stoney McDoper Active Member

    Al B damned. r u maken fun of me agin?

    I dont think moar is always better. I think MOAR IS NOT [email protected]! Thats difrent.
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    You bet I am! :lol:

    Nice zorsts on the Merc, man. :D
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    grandpabear3 New Member

    sweet jesus's bongwater i are subscribifying
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    Great, now everybody's gonna confuse me with McDoper.Subscribed.
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    andy7000 Active Member

    Hi Al B,
    hyperthetically speaking, i'm just finished harvest and cutting, i weigh my bud and it's 1000g (1kg), how much weight out of that am i expected to have when fully dried?

    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    Hey alb,
    sorry to bug ya but just to clear things up,
    Heres a pic of one of my plants at 2-3 weeks flower I trimmed the bottom 1/3


    I drew some red lines where i SHOULD cut as well? If i cut all these branches off that are longer then 1 in. I will just have basically the main stem ( hopfully thats what i want?)


    Thanks a whole bunch

    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    One more thing =)
    I flowered all my clones at about 6-9inches,
    But now most of them are over 2 ft and 1 is even at 3ft
    Is this good bad? Do you know why this happens

    Thanks ALBfuct!

    torrezzz Active Member

    Hey Al. Im trying to mimic your setup and my 4x4 table with 29 babies have started to show roots going through the pots and onto the table. Should I attempt to stop this? The pots are hydroton because I had that more handy than fytocell. Also, I flood 4 times a day to 3 inches deep, should I go more?

    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    Hey al i have a gif editing program and i tweaked youre sig gif some time when youre on ill switch it over so you can download it and see if ya wanna keep it PEACE man,,,,:joint::mrgreen:
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    About 250g. You'll usually see 25% of wet weight remaining when it's smokably dry.

    Perfect. :) Well illustrated. That's exactly what you want. Now, get about 45 of those under a 1000 & call me in 8 weeks. ;)
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