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  • i seen u tried helpin a brainless kid bout the n overdose with the claw facing down , can u offer ur knowledge
    no i havn't flowered yet, another month at least before i do that, i am 90% i am going to throw em away, too much trouble, well any suggustions on cleaning the room, im thinking once the plants are gone. so will most of the mites. thats what i get for not taking my time and listening to a friend that don't know dick about shit.
    please help, i just got some clones about 14 inches 3 days ago, and today i seen some spider mites. i thought the clones looked alittle sick, but not bad, maybe lack of nutrients, but its spider mites. should i just thrown them away and clean the room and start over, im a patient, i am about quality for my meds. please help
    Well, when trying to view the photos on any posts we can't see anything larger than a thumbnail, when clicked it tells me I am not registered for this section of the forum and asks if I'd like to sign up
    Hey Spark,
    I was wondering if it could be possible that people trying to resolve plant issues would be able to view the pics posted by "docs"? It would make the group more helpful to the community as a whole. This way we could see what the "pros" are speaking of.

    When you grow up and if your brain cell can manage it, consider being less of a jerk. People like you are quick to jump out there and talk shit behind the wall of anonymity that exists on this site. It's expected and even entertaining but not helpful or necessary. I suggest, weather it be online or in person: When you see two grown-ups interacting mind your manners and stay in your place. If you have nothing productive to offer just shut the fuck up. And just so that we’re clear: I’m telling your retarded ass to go eat a dick!!
    bitch gtfo my fucking threads loser no life bitch,u live in san diego bro ill get u beat up all the way from where i live and thats a fuking promise not a threat little bitch,shit talker,internet warrior,ever heard of the zetas from mexico,better shut ur trap lil slut before i make u eat from a straw for the rest of ur life.
    How u doing dude, I have a little question for u:
    How much nitrogen and phosphorus is ok for flowering nuts ??? sry to ask like this but I am in a hurry .
    Thx a lot
    i am currently in the process of building a scrog boxs(ebb and flow) of sorts along side my dwc set up, for the next year or so i will be doing many types of grows and many technics i would like to join your group but would also like to invite you to join my group its called Highbrow elite its a grroup for those serious about gardening, i just started it and am looking for expierenced growers only who know there shit
    So r u going to ever post up an update or pic of the plants? Long time no talk. You been silent around here lately...Everything ok?
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