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  • hey bigbud, been doin some researchin and found you to be the most informative on the subject of plc controlled grows. I am a controls engineer myself. This idea has been on my mind for years and Ia m finally able to make it happen. I am only in the beginning stages building my cabinent and collecting components and such. I have the software to program most plc's. I was wondering if you would be willing to share some of your knowledge on this topic. I will write the code myself if I must but was hoping to find someone else who has a tried and tested program. If you are interested in sharing some of your info write me back. I also have been following lorenzos posts but have not seen anything on his project for a while. Please respond if you have the time.
    Wow thanks man I really appreciate this. I'm about 4 1/2 weeks in and they're looking beatuifull. One, the train-wreck, is around a foot and as purple as the grimmace, But he's getting to big for the AG so.... I was wondering....; A) is now an optimal time to flower for an AG? B) How many plants can an AG hold? I have 6 in it at the moment and the root systems are going NUTS i'm wondering if they will kill eachother competing for the same nutrients?
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