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  • hey man, i just watched your new video on yoour thread, i noticed that they all say have clones available and now this one says seeds. i dont do face book but if your dwn to give out some seeds, ill gladly take them off your hands:-P
    Looks like i posted it too late i see he got ya...DAmn that sucks but dont lie for personal gain duke that looks bad on you..For what 10 dollars...lmao
    thanks for the info man and lol i plan on getting much more plants under all that light im jst waiting on an orange kush mother and six rooted clones from a buddie of mine. i plan to have all 12 going by the end of this month.and by that time i will have my husban as a patient so plant count can be 24 between the two of us plenty for jst us.
    fresh to the site an growing after reading for years about the process of growing im ready to do some landscaping ,was given 4-1000 watt grow lights an have a freind who grows guiding me thru setting up room im a stickler for details an also mechanicly inclined so comprending the process without having done it yet i can grasp, i question my freinds sincerity in helping me through complete process an producing me a quality crop because my deciding to pursue growing kinda of breaks up his monopoly in that feild in the area we live ,so help will much be needed im depending on my rollitup community need pure minded growers not someone looking to keep charging me 400 once .but either i pay or keep or keep this migrain .ACCEPTNG FREIND REQUEST LOOKIN TO SURROND MYSELF WITH A SEA OF GREEN AN GOOD PEOPLE .
    hey brick those seeds are very expensive because they are perennial

    it is good idea to buy them but only if you have a place where you can leave the plant grow at it's maximum potential

    and where you can go back the next year to take advantage of the perennial factor

    they will keep day and growing again the next year .

    if you have an indoor space then it is also a good choice
    have fun
    Hello fellow MJ stalkers. I'm Jcali and I'm a new member to the site. I chose this group because Marijuana saves my life every day! I suffer from terrible social anxiety since an early age (plus a bunch of other problems) I was having a tough time getting through my young life when Mary came along. Since then I toke whenever the monster attacks!!!! Mary has helped me in every aspect of life and since I now grow for medical pourposes, I was wondering if there is anyone who doesn't mind Coaching me a little>
    im not a seed guymyself i do the clones. i orderd once for a friend and really was a lowsy F to M rario. sorry i really don't no.
    Glad to hear your plants are well... my snows are doing good... the lowryders had more balls than a gay parade.. all three started....... :(
    get rid of the cup and germinate with paper towel... its more successful i've found! the problem wth water in a cup is this... the seed sits in water and when the tap root cracks out of the seed the water can suffocate it... also if the seeds are in a clear cup they will have a harder time germinating since roots dont like light. Take a paper plate, grab 2 pieces of paper towel. fold the paper towel up small enough to fit in a ziplock bag, moistened the paper towel with distilled water or take tap water thats been sitting out for 24 hours(to get rid of any chlorine), put the seeds on the paper towel, fold the paper towel so the seeds are covered, put the paper towel in the ziplock, seal the baggy air tight the put another paper plate over the top, keep em in a dark cool place and check em every 18 hours, it should only take a day or two, sometimes 3
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