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  • Yeah my account got reset dude, I'm thinking a few rep points or posts gives me that ability. Ill hit you up soon I hope
    hey i see that u use the same bat guano fertilizer additive that i do. i was just wondering how it worked out for u.
    Hey Haze! Yes, I actually re-read some of it again, I had read it a while ago, but sometimes I still have trouble deciding when to chop! I am flushing with 2 tablespoons of molasses per gallon every day. She's getting a little fat, and almost all trichomes are cloudy, a few amber here and there. I really don't have to flush much, because I only used organic nutes...nothing else 'cept molasses!!! :bigjoint:
    Hey I didn't want to take up any more of his thread but do you have to use chlorine free water with the roots organics? I don't have the cash flow yet to get an R.O. machine and I want to go liquid ferts and organic ferts no chems for me. anyways thanks in advance.

    ok i would say its about 6 ft tall and 3 1/2 4 feet wide it dont work so i was just going to use it as a closed off space... i want to put 3 or 4 plants in there and grow it from soil or maybe a hydro system idk
    ok well how much money r u talking about like 100s on a grow light lol cuz i want my plants to grow good and i dont no if the light i want to put in is good....if you can just guide me to grow these 3 or 4 plants in my freezer that would be great i really only have the lighting problem i think
    ok so let me just go over this lol the grow i use it in the growing stage bloom i use it when it starts to flower and the UNSULPHERED MOLASSES do i put it the entire time i grow? and one more question do i have to cut o hole in my freezer for a fan to bring fresh air in or can i just put it in the freezer with the bud?
    haha ok if i use that bulb you told me to use for 3 plants im not going to use a hydro system so does it take longer? what nutrients do i use cuz im just going to mix it with water
    i wanted to do it with the same 40watt florescent the long tube bulb that u told me to use for the growing is that good if i put it on 12 hr?
    im new with this i was just going to use the same bulb but only switch it to 12 hrs a day on is that good?
    i have a tall long freezer thats in my basement i want to grow about 4 plants in there i have a Fluorescent Lighting Fixture to hang in there with only one of thoughs tube bulbs i can put in but how many watt bulb can i use to grow a fue?
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